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By the will of man (Kebir Blue)

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Saturday, October 4, 2008 - 11:05 pm Click here to edit this post
Simple you are way too simple actually. Of the 1 million illegals given one of these special loans only 49,000 have not defualted! Amazing isnt it? This has little or nothing to do with what like a good little socialist you want to make it about. As a demographuc group illegals were at the top of the list of defaulters. The second group was those that had a history of not paying their bills to include the rent. So I guess I am going to discriminate against people who dont pay their bills as well as your gardner. BTW my Gardner was born in the US and I pay him the same as I would if he wasnt so maybe the problem is with you hiring someone you know has no legal status in the US. But I digress --- who exactly should be on the hook for giving loans to people who do not pay their bills in the first place or have no legal status and cannot even get a bank account in the US. Is it the moron who made the loan, the congress who said make it, the community organizer who held the bank up with the law to do it, or you the tax payer?

I adore how whenever the words illegal alien are used the racist card has to be played to belittle the facts surrounding the use of that term. Please tell us all how giving a loan for a house benefitted them, or us in general when the fact is they defualted those loans and they did so because they could not make the payments. Also explain how that makes you rush to get your gun to make an example of them? It would have been an interesting experiment if those loans had not defualted. I guess it would be racist of me to point out that as far as races go the asians are least likely to defualt a home mortage loan as well.

I love the socialists! Everyone should be able to buy a home, to be a home owner, regardless of ability to ever pay it back and regardless of history of paying even their rent. A part of the orginal intent of the law that allowed this mess was to allow people with a good credit history, and a history of paying their rent on time, to be able to buy a house. The law however was worded by special interests in order to enable anyone to buy a house, the end result millions of bad loans that should never have been made and would not have been made except for the greed of socialists to level the playing field. Well they are nearly there, every home owner in the country except for the rich are one pay check away from foreclosuer.

On the by - this past week I signed papers enabling one of my renters to buy the house they are living in. It is called a lease option where a portion of the rent will go into a down payment and in 5 years the note from the bank will be transfered into their name. They have lived there for 6 years and never missed a payment. Word of what we were doing got around and no less than 3 special interest groups contacted them on how they could own that house today and how that group could force the bank to sell it to them. Fortantly they didnt fall for this, the house has never been put on the market so there was in reality no way the groups could have forced anything and since I am the owner and not the bank it merely proved these people care little for the facts only their abilty to force others into doing things that are not in the intersts of those they are forcing nor those they are helping.

Once upon a time in this country a person could go from not owning to owning in a very simple manner - it is called the homestead act. But this doesnt line the pockets of the politicans nor the brokers. No that is for the tax payers to do now.

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