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By the will of man (Kebir Blue)

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Saturday, October 4, 2008 - 05:51 pm Click here to edit this post
Yes! Out! All you gardeners and fast food servers! Turn that mower off, take those heads phones off and GET THE HELL OUT! And its pronounced "burger, not burjer" and the color is "yellow not jello. OUT OUT OUT, its all your fault and the fault of the liberal agenda!"(Disclaimer: actually there is one gardner in southern cal who is embroiled in a flipping scheme. I assume he is the exception though)

Nothing made me more proud then when my elected officials in the house initially turned that bill down causing a large part of my net worth to evaporate in about 3 seconds(literally).


I proudly turned to my son, slapping him on the back and said, "college, you don't need no stinking college, push that dam mower. Look at all that tall grass. Opportunity son, opportunity! The beaners have beat feet for greener pasture south of the border.

My Gardener is due today. Think Ill punch him in the face when I see him.

"Yes, yes my dear," I said to my daughter. "Veterinary school would have been great but the people in the fast food stations at the local McDonald's, you know the ones who just had their McMansions foreclosed on, have all goon back to the greener pastures south of the border. I believe there is growth opportunity in the phrase...Want fries with that? Now, you try... Yes thats good! But a little less emphasis on the "T" in Want, we mustn't confuse the patrons. They are used to poor "T" enunciation."

I think Ill reach through the fast food window and take my "bujers" next time without paying.

My brother called me last night. he had to lay off some folks at his car dealership. Seems sales have plummeted and he cant get credit to meet payroll for September.

I say to him, "Its the dam illegals pushing the food and fruit carts around town! You see them right? they parade around in their fancy Armani suits. The nerve!

Your customers no longer need to drive for their staples!" I tell him "plant some grapefruit trees in your back yard, I can have my son cut the grass so you can get to it for a fee, of course."

You can simply just load these "jello" fruits into a sac and stand on the corner and sell them.

I state, "you know, if these illegals can get $500,000 mortgages for McMansions in numbers where they were a large part of the reason for the mortgage bubble and collapse, a white guy such as yourself can create an empire!"

I think Ill swerve when I see the next rich bastard on the corner selling "jello" fruits.

lets see...1 million times $500K per loan...carry the one...

By god, thats 500Billion! It was the illegals. They are largely to blame for the toxic debt choking our lending system. I knew it.

Wheres my gun Im off to the border.

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