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By the will of man (Kebir Blue)

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Saturday, October 4, 2008 - 04:47 pm Click here to edit this post
Socialism at its best! The 700B bailout is now the 850B Bailout and pork passed by the Senate and the House. Did anyone ever ask exactly who will get the bail out money, by the way? No they didnt. I wonder if anyone here knows there is a similar housing crisis taking place in England, Germany, France and Italy among a few of the other countries. I love this Greed thingy! Who was showing greed? Was it the people who made these loans and then sold the notes as if they were actually worth something (inflating the market value of the houses in the process)? Was it the people that forced the banks to make the loans after the socialist congress gave them the legal power to do so (aka ACRON)? Was it the people who will revieve the money from the bail out, you know who they are, the same people who made the damn loans in the first place? Was it the politicans who took hundreds of thousands of dollars to do nothing while this thing fell apart (such as Biden and Obama), who will now reap additional pay offs, I mean contributions from the very people that they just saved? Who losses here? Oh yea the idiots that were given the loans they could not afford in the first place since they are forclosed on or maybe the 1 million illegal aliens in the US that were granted such loans (YES, Illegal aliens, people not entitled to be in the US and cant get a credit card or even a bank account without the socilists forcing the banks via that wonderful law the dems pushed)?

And in all of this has anyone noticed that the law that allows groups like ACRON to hold up the banks and make them make these loans hasnt been changed?

But let us for harmony sake keep blaming Bush!

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