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Recent weapon changes and thier effects on the game (Fearless Blue)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Recent weapon changes and thier effects on the game (Fearless Blue)

Sheik Yerbootie (Fearless Blue)

Wednesday, January 12, 2005 - 04:39 am Click here to edit this post
attacklimits are NOT doubled. they remain exactly as they were because both offence and defence were doubled in strength.

Disagree, again. Defense was always unlimited, but offensive attacks have been limtied for a year and a few months now. Making the weapons twice as powerful + costly, regarldes sof the weapon involved, effectively doubles the limit for that weapon. If defenses had been limited as well, you would be right..but they werent. I dont see how that is not clear anymore.

that would be true if the NF were the only strength doubled.

the resistance to NF attack has also been doubled for the Ints. meaning the same % of Ints killed in the attack remain the same.

I quote from the game news:

As of now, the capabilities of Interceptors and Navy Fighters have been doubled. Their base price and the price of Interceptor missiles and Navy Fighter Missiles are doubled too but will depend on the market.

The vulnerability of both weapons is cut by half and the number of soldiers and officers needed to operate them is doubled.

ints are half as vulnerable now and NF are twice as powerful. it means the exact same number of Ints will be lost in any attack.

NF are half as vulnerable now, but ints are twice as powerful. again, the exact same are killed as a result.

cruisers are vulnerable to SRMBs, cruisers are at the same strengths, but SRMBs are twice as powerful. this means twice as many cruisers will be lost in a battle.

NAH are at half effectiveness like the cruiser, infact many weapons are half as effective now.

land to sea batteries and seals will take twice the casualties in battle because the defencive navy ships have been doubled in attack strength and halved in vulnerablility.

I believe hymys data supports that.

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