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A long time coming ... Stardust is for Sale (Golden Rainbow)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  A long time coming ... Stardust is for Sale (Golden Rainbow)

Cyriac (Golden Rainbow)

Saturday, September 27, 2008 - 05:30 pm Click here to edit this post
Come November my registration ends and I hate to see my country reset. I don't plan on renewing so I might as well give/sell them away.

I've been playing SC since May 02 2002 and Stardust was created only a month later in June. So ill give a little history about the country, what its current state is, and what you'll be getting.

Stardust has never changed hands since I created it, has been though many wars and sieges. Early 2004 I took it into a peaceful mode and it has not engaged anyone since then.

At its height it had 3.8 Quadrillion in assets and no one has yet to reach that number even now (although one CEO is close). Its cash reserves have greatly been reduced, due to the scummy Financial Services Tax, but still has about 1.5 Quadrillion in cash left. The country currently makes about 500B in profit a month but that can greatly be increased once you take care of unemployment and give out all the loans.

One unique characteristic is that the country owns shares in corporations that are located in other countries. These shares are held in the country portfolio so you actually get dividends that calculate directly into your monthly income instead of your pension fund.
(in theory anyways, I have not fully tested this)

Now Stardust does not have any military to speak of since it is a peaceful country, but my empire once boasted one of the largest armies in the world. After I went peaceful I transferred most of the munitions into Stardust so currently it has about 400T worth of ammo stockpiled. Quite a few nukes too.

Speaking of nuclear, Stardust has 441,631 kilograms of plutonium stockpiled enough to make an ungodly amount of nukes.

Country also come with a population 70M+

The country is located in GR and all secrecy parameters have been removed. Anyone interested can message me with offers.

I am also looking to sell some of my other countries in my empire too. My slaves have high population but not nearly as much to offer as my main :) Offers for those are also welcome.

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