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Thursday, September 25, 2008 - 06:43 pm Click here to edit this post
Yup, you are stupid. Though why you think anything I have to say comes from wiki, I do not know. I am sure that there is great info there about Chernobyl and have used it, though do not need to in this case. Do you dispute that the accident occured during a low power test? I don't understand how the ensuing disaster relates to what caused it, but if you are looking for my pity and condolences that you were affected by the accident you have them. Again, how does that relate to the fact that the accident was caused by a LOW POWER test, in direct contradiction to your statements?

I am not sure if I had misspelled something or if your 'capacitorys' is a mistake. The very large capacitors used at power plants are usually called condensers in the US. Not really sure why, exactly, that just industry lingo. I do not know what the consumption of the entire US might be, go look it up. For the Trenton Channel plant, the amount of energy supplied and used for that area was about 150MW for a week, so should the plant go off, that reserve power stored would be gone in a few days.

I am so glad you worked at an experimental reactor, or maybe horrified as you do not seem to be showing much of an understanding of them. I will not profess to have more or less expertise as anyone can claim whatever they want to on this forum. I will, however, take YOUR words and YOUR statements and show you how you are wrong, which I have done. So instead of trying to hint or pretend or whatever it is you are doing without actually being able to back up your statements, just stop posting.

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