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Thursday, September 25, 2008 - 05:19 pm Click here to edit this post
Wow, you really are an idiot.

I do know more about Chernobyl than you. What does your dad telling people to buy powdered milk have to do with it? You stated, and I quote, "The last one that I know of, that went 10-20% past regular production was, oh, Chernobyl?" THIS IS NOT TRUE. The accident occured while conducting a LOW POWER test. I guess I could give you a wikipedia link if you want, but I did not need to use it. Sorry to disappoints.

I am not sure what you living in France has to do with anything, but it is apparent you do not know a whole hell of alot about nuclear power plants. You state "is simply done by funneling more of the heat generated by the reactor, away from the steam generation". Wow, what are you smoking? The amount of heat generated by the core is reduced, it does not always produce the same amount of heat. Why? Because the speed of the nuclear chain reaction, and hence the heat, is variable, dumbass, and is primarily controlled by the control rods. I know exactly what I am talking about. It is apparent you do not.

Why is this important? Because you stated "Unlike a gas or coal reactor, you cannot crank up, or ratchet down production". Complete bullshit. The ONLY difference as far as production is concerned is that a nuclear plant opperating at half capacity costs about the same to run as if it were running at max capacity, so you are better off operating it at max capacity.

I am not sure why I would want to talk to Congress, as they are almost as stupid as you. Every power plant has capacitorys to story energy. They are big honking things usually refered to as condensers. In practice they are just like the capcitors you see in most electronic devices, only industrial strength. I cannot talk about what specifically is used where, I can only talk about the Edison plant in Trenton, MI, where I worked. One the plant site there were condensers that stored about 50 MW of power. These condensers were constantly being charged by the electriciinty produced by the plant. At the same time, the capacitors are also being discharge onto the grid to meet demand. In periods of high demand, the amount of power stored in the condensers dropped. In periods of low demand, the constant power influx from the plant increase the amount stored. It has been awhile, but I am pretty close when I say should there be no power influx or outflow from the condensers when they are completely full it would take about 2 weeks for them to be depleted due to the natural power loss capacitors experience. In 20 years, maybe that figure is better.

And finally, your idoicy knows now bounds. You obviously do not know how to use % when talking about relative values. Let see, quick math lession. If Timmy holds 10 apples and I give him 90 more, it is appropriate to say the number of apples Timmy holds increased by 1000%. Why? Because I am talking about the relative increase over the first number. Where as if I were talking about the precentage of the total, the original 10 apples are only .1% of the total.

I guess I should have understood you are too stupid to change between concepts. So I will make it a bit easier for you, I hope. When operating at 100% capacity, the Beaver Vally plant produces 1600MW. When operating at 5% capacity, the Beaver Valley plant produces 100MW. (The 10MW was a mistype earlier, sorry everyone else reading.) So the relative change in power output of 100MW to 1600 MW is 1600%.

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