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American Election (2)

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Andreja Gligorijevic (Little Upsilon)

Thursday, September 25, 2008 - 03:29 pm Click here to edit this post

France, my example country, is leading the world in Nuclear Power production - fact.
Ah, n/m:,M1
There's the link. And, while the book "might" be dated, the current situation is much worse.

As for Chernobyl, I will not doubt your wiki-knowledge. You are right, and my father and the rest of his faculty in Belgrade, who warned their families to start to drink powdered milk in mid-april '86, are wrong. What could they know?

Mw can be stored? by Capacitors?!? Ok, you're right.

Oh, wait:

"Since electrical energy cannot easily be stored
in quantities large enough to meet demands on a national scale, at all times exactly as much must be produced as is required.[Patterson, Walter C. (1999), Transforming Electricity: The Coming Generation of Change, Earthscan, pp. 44â48, ISBN 185383341X]"

Now it would help here for me to be a little more detailed about nuclear power, since you're thinking I'm talking apples, instead of oranges. The way you're going on, is absolutely right. Taking couple of things for granted:

#1) That I'm talking about the cycle of power generation, that starts with the heat siphoned from the reactor core. I am not.

#2) The physics are very simple. 1/2 life is 1/2 life. Operational neurton capture MUST be close to 1 for the reaction to maintain, otherwise it will shut down, or run away.

#3) That I 1600MW full capacity, can it be increased? Nope. Max is max for nuclear. Now, the 10Mw output (mind you I'm trusting your net numbers), again, is simply done by funneling more of the heat generated by the reactor, away from the steam generation.

There are, technically, two power plants in every nuclear plant (barring the e- radio-decay generators, but I really doubt those are in the same class). One is the core, that creates power by way of heat, the other, a conversion, that converts heat, to other forms of energy. In most cases, it's a steam turbine.

You're talking of the 2nd part, I'm talking about the 1st. The 2nd part, humans have been dealing with for, well, a long time. The first part, "our" experience is a little more recent.

Again, apples and oranges.

But, capacitors to store electricity? You should talk to congress. Or, go work for the electrical companies. They've been looking for your solution for ages.

I love when people use % like it means something *other* than "/100". Let's please stick to the standard definitions of terms.

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