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Thursday, September 25, 2008 - 02:38 pm Click here to edit this post
Nix, Gaza has ocean access. It is not land locked therefor not surrounded. Should Palestine ever be recognized as a country, there would be free access to it whatever Israel wants. Israel HAS removed settlements, even forcing Jewish citizens at gunpoint out of them to comply with agreements, did you just forget that little fact? And why should Israel take down a wall located on ITS OWN LAND? (I guess maybe they belong to a home owners association that doesnt allow it) Or change its government so suit you? Does this mean Israel can dictate to Syria, or Egypt, or Iran, or the eventualy a Palestinian country that they cannot govern themselves as they see fit? I am also not sure what you mean by uniting Gaza and the West Bank. If you mean give them territory so they are connected, that would cut Israel in half. Israel has stated its conditions for recognizing Palestine as a nation. None are particulary onorus or even particularly outrageous, unlike PALESTINIAN demands. So go have your words. I am sure Hamas and Hezbollah are trembling at the thought.

And Andreja, YES megawatts can be stored. What is wrong with a storage facility that takes up a city block? The size of most nuclear facilities is huge, a city block is really a very small part of that facility and just like power transmitted immediately after production, it can be transmitted at any time from those capacitors. About the only problem, if you can call it that, is that the capacitors are just that, capacitors. They gradually lose the power stored in it. Oh wait, but thats right, since its is more cost effecient to keep a nuclear plant on all the time, even at minimal power, there is always juice going into the capacitors to keep em topped up!

And PLEASE do not talk about Chernobyl as it is obvious you have no clue. There were so many things wrong and so many safty practices ignored to cause that catastrophe its astounding. For one, they were not trying to operate at HIGH power, you idiot, they were doing low level power tests. The reactor was operating at about 10% of capacity, not at over capcity, dumbass. Go do some actual research on it and you might actually learn that essentially the reactor overheated at LOW power after the coolant flow was shut off and what was left evaporated, causing the reactor to only THEN overheat.

You also obviously have no clue as to how nuclear plants work. For one, the range of power output for these plants is tremendous, routinely moving through a range of power outputs based on demand. In some plants the range of power output is as much as 1000%, yes, that is 1000. Meaning the power output at full capacity to minimal is 1000%. Even in the US the typical reactor has a range of over 100% from full capacity to minimal capacity production. For example, the Beaver Valley plant in Pennsylvania produces 1600 MW at full capacity but only 10 MW when operating at minimal capacity. As I stated before, the biggest problem is economic. The cost to run that same plant at minimal capacity compared to full capacity is pretty much the same. Not true for other power plants.

Next time you want to insert some stupid comment into the discussion, Andreja, do your research because you just got served.

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