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Recent weapon changes and thier effects on the game (Fearless Blue)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Recent weapon changes and thier effects on the game (Fearless Blue)

Sheik Yerbootie (Fearless Blue)

Monday, January 10, 2005 - 08:19 pm Click here to edit this post
recently w3c changed several weapons. most important changes are in the NF and Ints.

w3c doubled the strengths of these two weapons and cut the amount of each countries supply in half. they then procceded to double the cost of these weapons and reduce the production of the weapon corps (corp production seems to be linked to the price level, each time w3c changes the cost of a weapon, the production rate changes).

the ratio of offence to defence stengths remain the same. effectivly no change in the abilities of these weapons has occured. what has happened is the worlds armies were cut in half with no increase of effectivness.

with the cost of these weapons increasing and the need for them remaining the same. w3c has effecivly increased the cost of war. the most noted increase is with the ammo. all stockpiles have been halved but consumption rate of the ammo has remained the same. the nessisary amount of ammo needed for safe levels has remained the same and the cost of these missiles has doubled, withthe current demand for these weapons on the market, the cost has accually tripled or more.

make no mistake, if you want to be safe from attacks. you need to increase your Int levels to the original amount b4 w3c made these changes.

w3c's change in the weapons systems has done absolutly nothing to reduce the total size of the military needed to compete in war. they only succeded in doubleing or tripling the cost of the overall war system.

if w3c really wants to reduce the total sizes of armies, they need to increase the maintnance costs of these weapons. the maintnance cost of a weapon is the only thing that determins now many a player can have b4 they can no longer keep the weapons active (or face bankrupcy).

in my assesment of the war system, taking a c3 with navies is not cost effective anymore. furthermore I would have to say the gain from war doesn't exceed the cost of war, making it a total wasted effort. I'll add up the total cost of weapons needed to fight a decent war and post it here tonight. if the cost exceeds $6T I would not be suprised.

I also want to mention so few other things that make war a joke.

to attack a player with 30k ints, I need to have atleast 30k NF. these NF do me no good if they are distributed between several countries. they all have to be in one country to be of any use. with the increased cost and manpower of these weapons, one would need a 30m pop country just to support those weapons.

with that in mind, how is a small fed supposed to put up any kind of resistance if they are all limited to 13m countries? each time w3c increases the needs and costs of weapons, they make if harder and harder for smaller players to defend themselves. these efforts, it seems, are intended to make the larger players and feds work harder to support and field large armies. in reality, w3c is only making it impossible for small feds and players to get involved in the war game.

thats about all I have to say. I'll probley think of more later, but right now I'm over due on my lunch break.

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