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American Election (2)

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Zeta (Kebir Blue)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008 - 07:12 pm Click here to edit this post


Just go on blaming Jews for all the problems of the mid east and by extension the world after all there are only 15 million of them in the world all ya gotta do is do slightly double of what Hitler did and your problem is solved.

See, this is why you can't have a real discussion about Israel. Sooner or later, somebody always plays the "ZOMG U HATE TEH JEWZ!" card.

More often than not, people aren't trying to pin all of the blame on Israel. They're just trying to get over this strange "can't do no wrong" attitude which has it's roots in the holocaust.

The first step in trying to resolve an issue is to admit that both parties are at fault. This is definitely true in the Middle East, where the Palestinian terrorists/freedom-fighters routinely kill innocent Israeli civilians, and where the Israeli army routinely torments/persecutes Palestinian civilians and encroaches on their lands despite explicit promises to the contrary.

I've never quite understood why the western world will ignore the atrocities of one side in a conflict, but then condemn the other.

Still, if Hitler had been gassing all the Muslims, I'm sure the roles would be reversed.

I doubt there will ever be peace in Israel. Neither side wants it, and both are happy to kill eachother. What the west and the UN should do is withdraw all support and funding for both sides and just let them kill eachother. Last man standing wins. Simple as.

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