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Wednesday, September 24, 2008 - 02:45 pm Click here to edit this post
Erotic Clown, you are wrong. The US President is authorized to use whatever force he deems necessary, commit whatever troops he wants, deploy whatever assets he wants, whenever he wants. Within 90 days of commiting troops to any hostile actions, he must go before Congress and then Congress decides wether or not to formally declare war. Should Congress NOT do so, then those troops must be withdrawn from any conflict in which they might be engaged. I say rightfully so because when the shit hits the fan, you don't sit around in committee debating what to do. You have one person who is responsible for making a decision. President Bush and his political party were rightful punished for thier errors and weaknesses at the polls in 2006.

Oh, and you now know someone who did not join the Army out of financial desperation. We can debate that characterization all day, and you would be WRONG. I am not sure how many people you actually know in the US miltary or who have been in it, but it is fewer than I.

As for Andreja, you are also WRONG. You can indeed 'crank up' or ratchet down production in nuclear plants. You can also store electricity. It is true that nuclear plants generating electicity are pretty much never turned 'off', as the restart process is time consuming and expensive as is the shut down process. Nuclear plants do, however, increase or decrease output based on demand. There is typically a minimum level of output that is considered safe and even then nuclear plants have capacitors to store power instead of sending power out into the grid. The problem with a country using 100% nuclear power to generate electricity is the economics, not the physics of power generation.

And Zetetic, you are right, there is no reason we should base foreign policy on a 3000 year old text. Deciding WHERE to establish Isreal 60 years ago it may or may not have been a good thing to use. However, it was and that is the state of the world right now. The continued hostility and hatred towards Isreal is not productive or warrented. 10 or 15 years ago, I would have agreed with you when you say both sides are to blame. No more. In general, Isreal has complied with international will, something that is by far not a concensus, but for the most part the general desires of international and even regional governments have been met by Israel. Israel has met at least half way with its neighbors and even the Palestinians. It is Hamas and Hezbollah who continue to agitate and provoke and who will not just let it go. There are lots of reasons for this, but I think the single biggest one is the leaders of those terrorist organizations simply cannot stand giving up power. It has corrupted them. Netenyahu has it right - "Were the Arabs to lay down their arms, there would be no more violence. Were the Israelis to lay down thiers, there would be no more Israel." Substitute terrorists for Arabs or Iran for Arabs, that 30 year old statement applies to today. And please, do not start talking about how Israel persecutes the Palestinians. There is absolutely no reason Israel should feel the need to allow ANYONE or ANYTHING through or into its territory it does not want. Gaza and the West Bank are not completely surrounded by Israel, so those areas have absolutely no need to rely on anything from Israel. Just leave them alone.

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