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American Election (2)

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Zetetic Elench dam Kahveh (Golden Rainbow)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008 - 11:24 am Click here to edit this post
DavePat: "There is no evidence that the US or the UK lied! Period! More fantasy crap!"

To whom? An official review conducted by Lord Butler concluded that there were significant concerns about the intelligence used to justify our part in the war to the British people. In that sense, we were lied to. Not you.


Must admit I am less informed about this. I know Britain was in a very difficult position after WWII administering Palestine and surrounding territories under UN mandate. We were under attack from both Jewish and Islamic terrorists whilst funding the armed forces of both sides. I think this has coloured our impression of the conflict.

We had to limit Jewish immigration to Palestine to avoid a violent backlash from the Muslims who had lived there for centuries. Needless to say, that resulted in a violent backlash from the Jews instead.

Israel's violation of UN Resolution 181

It is in part. The resolution was amended at some point to use the borders established after the 1949 war. Israel has since made a shocking land-grab with its barrier that makes vast incursions into the West Bank. In that sense it is in violation of international law. Israel is also in violation of numerous resolutions concerning the right of Palestinian refugees to return.

DavePat: "As for the US vetoing sanctions - has NEVER happened"

The US has vetoed numerous UN Resolutions regarding Israel specifically because they didn't condemn Palestinian terrorist groups including one that condemned the construction of the wall surrounding the occupied territories.

"A return to Israel had been the dream of most Jews for nearly 2000 years"

I hardly think a 3,000 year old text is a viable basis for modern foreign policy. Perhaps the Native Americans dream of the return of control of their lands to them?

"Just go on blaming Jews for all the problems of the mid east"

Actually, I don't. Both sides are too blame in addition to the policies of Britain the US in the years following WWII. I admit that the UN is biased regarding the Middle East situation, although I can't decide on which side it is biased! It is true to say that Israel, Palestine and the wider Middle East conflict account for far more UN resolutions than the death toll would suggest in comparison to, say, human rights abuses in China, Russia and Zimbabwe.

Andreja: "So, a country, in principle, will have a huge problem if it is 100% nuclear"

All they need are a couple of hydro-electric power stations. These can switch on and off in under 30 seconds. No one solution will work for solving the potential energy crisis. I'm rather dubious about cold fusion. From what I have heard the research was flawed and thus far has proved impossible to verify independently.

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