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American Election (2)

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Sam Houston (Little Upsilon)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008 - 12:02 am Click here to edit this post
Arabs do not wish peace thus any such attempts will always fail. The current talks will fail due to ingrained Islamic racism, political climate, and the simple fact that the vast majority of warfare on the planet is being waged in the name of Islam. Despite the assurances of it being a religion of "peace" it is quite brutal and far more nationalistic than even the most ardent warmonger in the West can appreciate.

Liberal apologists use this situation to attack their own countries and ignore the hard cold facts about the Middle East and Islam.

The current situation was entirely created by the Arab world and 60 years of hot and cold warfare to retake a region they lost due to agression. If the 60 years had been spent on building a "Palestinian" or more factual Arab country it would have been better served.

Any such nonsensical statements as the "Palestinians" were a country before partition should be ignored. The region has changed hands so many times it has had only one legitimate country established in its entire history. Israel.

The Arabs conquered it in the 700's. Lost it. Regained it. And lost it again. Such are the fortunes of war. It gives them no special claim to land they cannot retake, nor does it give anyone else the right to interfere.

I would let Israel handle its own affairs and we should handle ours.

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