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American Election (2)

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DavePat (Fearless Blue)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008 - 06:37 pm Click here to edit this post
ROFLMAO - International opinion would have had Hitler ruling Europe and I mean even the Russian part = so much for world opinion!

Enough of the Israeli crap already. Allow me to explain this in a fashion even your little pointee head can understand - Israel has NEVER been subject to an individual sanction!! Period, end of discussiion. All so called sanctions against Israel have required someone else to do something also - which they have refused to do! It is pure propaganda and disinformation to say or repeat otherwise. In matter of fact Israel has bent over backwards to attempt to comply with most of the UN nonsense only to do it and then have the other guys say sorry we aint doin it so get bent! Iraq had many issued against it as a loner! Again unlike Israel. So stop the closed minded crapola and repeating what enemies of Israel want you to keep saying over and over and over and over.

There is no evidence that the US or the UK lied! Period! More fantasy crap! In matter of fact one of the aids to one of your MPs planted crap in the MI5 files and you all would know this if you ever bothered to stop listening to Michael Moore and started reading actual news!

Saddam in the first place was not secular, its just his fraction of Islam was on top supressing the other two. Next, Saddam saw himself as the leader of the islamic world, his first attempt in 1990-91 to become this fantasy leader failed when a lot of the islamic world didnt want to go along with it. Saddam didnt want Israel and Iran to think he had WMDs to guard against them you dolts and conspiracy nuts, he want the whole world to tremble before him. The fact is he was developing an entirely new form of WMD - called 50,000 insane nut balls willing to blow themselves and anything else they could up! He was building a freaking terrorist Army that would have made Al-Queada look puny. Again all one has to do is open ones eyes to have seen it and heard it!

The inspectors asked for no such thing. Again the person who asked for this delay was no longer an inspector but in the PAY OF SADDAM! I love how you nut balls distort things to fit your mold. its kinda like how GW had explosives planted in the Towers knowing before hand airplanes would not only hit them but exactly where too.

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