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American Election (2)

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008 - 03:11 pm Click here to edit this post
1) We did not vote for our current prime minister. He was put in place because of a pact between Him and Blair.

2) Unlike the US we know how important international opinion is, as we are one of the fore fathers of world unity. There is something in our Laws that say's if the people rise up against War, the leader should reflect those concerns in a parliamentary debate. (I will find it for you)

3) Unlike the US we know how important the UN is in the every day rule of life. And not showing it any respect is against the British peoples wishes.

4) There has been evidence showing that the UK government lied to the UK people about WMD. Again I will find it when I have more time.

5) Why don't the US impose the 100's of UN sanctions against Isreal?

6) Whats hurt the troops the most is not knowing the real reason they are there.

7) If anyones a spoiled Brat, I would have to say it is U.

8) If you were Sadam with Israel to the left and Iran to the right, would'nt you want everyone to think you had WMD?

9) The Weapons inspectors had found no evidence of anything. They asked for the invasion to put on hold to allow them to prove it.

10) This war will never end.

11) The US has violated alot of laws and treaties in this war. Even down to the weapons they are using.

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