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The Next war? (Fearless Blue)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  The Next war? (Fearless Blue)


Tuesday, September 23, 2008 - 07:46 am Click here to edit this post
LOL DavePat. No need for the whole DD214, my friend.

I also started out enlisted as an 11B. Two tours with a LRRP Company, MACV. Back to Bragg as an E5. Worked like hell to get my BA History. Correspondence/night classes, no ring for me.LOL
Entered OCS as an E6. Commissioned Infantry. Typical assignments through company command, all in the 82nd. Gambled on SF Selection in late 70's. Graduated Q and made selection. After further technical schools including DLI, finally got an A Team. Can't really discuss the next 10 years, but I was nominally stationed in Europe and working within the Intelligence Community under the umbrella of NATO. A vehicle accident banged up my right leg badly and I spent a year teaching ROTC cadets between surgeries. Political intervention called in by my Army "mentor", saved my career and got me back into Infantry Branch. I had gotten my gold oak leaf clusters and changed insignia in 87 when SF became a separate branch. Had returned to CONUS for the required career schools in the 80's, so still technically had the right tickets punched, but getting my silver leaves and a battalion in mech was really a political gift. Greatly enjoyed my command tour and left my battalion 2 months!!!!! before Sadam went into Kuwait. Returned to the Gulf with CENTCOM doing liason work with the Saudis. Joint tour afterwards in DC where I earned a MBA Business Administration to say I accomplished "something" during those 2 years. Back to NATO in an investigatory assignment dealing with the former Yugoslavian debacle. Made some very politically unpopular reports and was rewarded with my eagles and a brigade a long way from Europe. Retired in disgust mid 90's.

5 years enlisted active. 21 years commissioned active.
I too shall refrain from listing the fruit salad.

Well, aren't we just a couple of field grade heroes?

Seriously though, what did you think of the Israeli's? I was deeply impressed by them as a people. Hell of a situation they're in over there.

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