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John R

Friday, September 19, 2008 - 09:19 pm Click here to edit this post
People will be wondering how the "Global Warming or not", "Reduce pollution" and "Spellbinding sceneries" will fit in... click here

At first sight, that's not precisely pollution. Just human invasive exploration. It does become pollution, when the water used to clean or separate the minerals are not treat and dumped into the environment. Yeah... People have become sick and died from such waters.

This is also an axe on biodiversity. This one is in Australia, so, I reckon, its effect are minor from what they would be in northern Portugal or in Brazil.

I have a cement plant near here. In fact, its effect are visible from most places in the city and along the coast line. The tourists adore to look at a sierra mountain (mountain range) scarred by an open-pit mine. Who wouldn't? Specially on the place with the greatest biodiversity of southern Portugal.

They have begun correcting and planted some regions... with Eucalyptus. Long story short, granted it does not suit well with the autoctone species, it has been replaced by autoctone species. They have also added air filters and now I'm very pleased with the current conduct of this company, so is the rest of the city. The only thing reaming is the open-pit mine. We just have to be patient and wait 20 years.

What do I have to do with this? EcoTourism. A very high expression of a marriage between environment conservation and economics. To show this is a reliable source of development - at least to this region - we have this:

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