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American Election (2)

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John R

Friday, September 19, 2008 - 08:27 pm Click here to edit this post


The West is responsible for the vast majority of the emissions that are currently warming the planet, we should pay to clean that up. China and India should contribute less money to mitigate their future emissions.

We already are. Emission permits. I know Portugal will buy some this year... again. Hope that will bring further changes.

We are the ones making the effort to repair our mistakes. However, China, India and the USA are nullifying whatever improvements we are doing in the field of emission reduction.

Should they contribute as well? No doubt. I've heard all kinds of arguments from both parties, yet none moves me the least.

This is OUR planet and the only one we have. I like it as is and I'm not keen of the thought of something a little less... ludic and attractive.

Global warming or not, our health, the delicate and puzzling biodiversity of our ecosystems, in conjugation with the spellbinding sceneries of our planet is to be cherished and protected. They are reason enough to justify and carry pollution reduction.

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