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FarmerBob (Little Upsilon)

Friday, September 19, 2008 - 07:36 pm Click here to edit this post
Zet. Well argued as always.

However. You are demonstrating the myopia typical of this debate. Making macro conclusions from micro observations in not valid in complex systems. Study. Yes. Look for patterns. Yes. Decide to start WWIII over what we currently KNOW? HELL NO! The argument over warming is still raging because of conflicting data. there is a lot evidence to support the argument that we are in fact cooling! The point is that we don't KNOW much of anything and won't for generations.

Of course, the industry that has grown up from the debate will happily take our money and give you whatever answers you would like. Need a study suggesting that kangaroo excrement causes drought in Iceland? I'm sure we could find a "scientist" to provide you one. And for only 3mil in grant money.

Don't know where you got the info on solar; but, from the professionals I've been dealing with as I shop for full solar conversion for my property, the area/energy ratios aren't even in the ballpark. Solar is limited by physics to very little potential energy conversion and further limited in efficiency by engineering hurdles. It's killing chickens to get eggs. How long would the solar panels have to be operational to produce enough power to offset the energy costs of their own construction and installion much less maintenance? Sorry. Not even the people selling solar for their livings believe that is a viable macro energy source. I'm gonna go with the guys who live off the reality, not the theory.

Operating cleaner and more efficiently is worth doing for its own sake. Converting from fossil fuels to realistic alternatives is an economic fact of life. Fossils have much better uses than burning.

But "we're killing the planet?",...... please.

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