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American Election (2)

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Friday, September 19, 2008 - 04:23 pm Click here to edit this post
I said:
"Whats happened? People used to sacrifice their lives for the future(the senior citizen has no place in this fight against our desire's, they should not suffer). But now it seems we wont even sacrifice our way of life for the future."

You said:
"How dare you suggest that my parents or thier parents did not sacrifice enough."

The first bit was about your parents/grandparents.
The second, I would have thought the word we would have given it away, was about us.
I know that if you have children there's not alot you can do in this battle against those who don't give a shite. My comments are more directed towards those who dont have children.

And Arch. I hav'nt see Al gore's stuff. This has been something that I have been worried about since I was 14. Thats 20 years Bro.
I have looked at every angle. Unlike the rest of you. and I choose to put the future ahead of I. Thats why Yankie has a I init. You lot seem to think the future is I.

To the rest of ya.
You support a system where want out ways common sence. Where you have a system where traders sell shares in a company that has nothing wrong with it to force down the share price, to then buy those and more of those shares back. Who's shares do you think they are buying back at rock bottom?
Who's sold their shares at a loss? The every day man, who's trying to support his family. Thats who. It does'nt supprise me at all, this hostile reply from you all. From inside your bubble, you sit and you chuckle. To thing's that should make you beware.

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