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Socialist bias in the game? (Kebir Blue)

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CorSec Authority (Fearless Blue)

Saturday, January 08, 2005 - 10:07 pm Click here to edit this post
*wastes time*

what occurred in Chile was most certainly not a free market

tell that to the friedmanite theorists who masterminded the whole thing. no, it was a free market system inspired by neo-liberal capitalism.

you're trying to argue that it wasn't a free market system from a philosophical, not an economic point of view, because it was an authoritarian police state. that isn't really true. the only way they could've gotten away with that kind of stuff is if they scared the crap out of people with the gestapo tactics.

keep in mind that pinochet was being advised by milton friedman the whole time.

There is only one objective moral principle

you seem to be unaware of how arbitrary that statement is. many people claim to be the sole possessors of absolute truth. every religious nut says exactly that. why should you be special?

it's at this point that i'm guessing that you're a fan of ayn rand, and her excecrable pseudo-philosophy; 'obectivism'.

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