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Friday, September 19, 2008 - 02:29 pm Click here to edit this post
It is amazing to me that someone who proclaims to be so forward thinking, so tolerant, so compassionate, and so understanding as Nix can be such a hypocrite. Nix - how dare you put on some holier than thou mantle saying no one wants to sacrifice for the future. How dare you suggest that my parents or thier parents did not sacrifice enough. How dare you suggest that I do not sacrifice enough or that my friends do not sacrifice enough SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY DO NOT FOLLOW YOUR NARROW WORLD VIEW. You hypocrite. When I work my ass off to put food on the table, to put money in education funds, to sit down with my children and help them with thier schoolwork so THEY will have a chance for a good future I AM sacrificing for the future. When I walk home to save on gas, compost to make my garden better, recycle just because its simple and the smart thing to do, am I not looking to the future? When I put solar panels on my house to reduce my energy bill, am I looking to the future? Just because I follow sound economic choices does not mean I do not also follow sound environmental practice. Just because I will not buy into your blind faith in a the misleading teachings of Al Gore, I do not sacrifice enough? Because I am not beating my chest and throwing gang signs in ostenatious celebration of my sacrifices for the environment, I am not sacrificing enough? How dare you, you hypocritical ass.

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