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Zeta (Kebir Blue)

Friday, September 19, 2008 - 02:16 am Click here to edit this post
Exactly my point, nix. If a species cannot move or adapt, it dies out. And it supplanted by another species which fits the particular eclogical niche. That's why much of northern Europe develiped into grassy plains and scattered forests after the last ice age, rather than remain as the large aboreal woodland which covered pretty much all of the land prior to that. The grasses were far better adapted to surviving in the changing climate than the trees were, so many species of tree died out or "marched" away, and the grass became far more dominant.

There is little debate that human activity is adding to the greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. Trouble is, the CO2 emitted by entirely natural events is still several orders of magnitude greater than that generated by human activity.

The Earth, whether environmentalists wish to accept it or not, has had no ice caps for the majority of it's existance. We are currently still emerging from the last ice age. That melting ice held a lot of CO2 and H2O, both of which are greenhouse gasses. Freeing them up from their imprisoned state is going to effect the environment, regardless of human activity.

This natural melting of the ice, which has been going on and steadily accellerating for centuries as far as we can tell, releases far more greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere than most human industry. Combine that with the natural reduction of several carbon sinks (plantlife, the oceans, etc) and it's fair to conclude that human activity, whilst polluting, is not the major issue here, but rather the natural processes of the earth.

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