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American Election (2)

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DavePat (Fearless Blue)

Thursday, September 18, 2008 - 11:16 pm Click here to edit this post
People sacrifice their lives for THEIR future. Mr Smith Goes to Washington is about whose pork barrel spending is going to get passed! In the 1930s Hollywood produced a number of movies about Washington and the corrupt state - even going so far as to site openly a shadow or secret government. In this same decade environmentalist movies were also made warning us that within a decade the Earth would be a sand sweep desert. Then again this was also the decade of the leader mentality. Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, FDR. The failed leader states couldn't decide on a single leader for very long - France had how many governments between 1936 and 1939? Chamberlain wasn't in power nearly as long as the others but could have been if not for the intervention of World War 2, let us keep in mind the British discarded Churchill the moment they could after the war. American found the idea of the single leader so outside its norm, that in a single moment of rational thought it banned any one person from holding power that long by denying Presidents the ability to hold more than 2 terms, it however failed in this sanity to limit the power of Senators and Representatives accordingly. This one act accomplished shifting the single leader to a single small group, comprising the ruling party and began the process of destroying representative government to representative rulership. In other words it completed what one of the basic premises of Mr Smith Goes to Washington was attempting to deal with - rule by the political powerful (The Soros', Avery's, Morgan's, etc) with their selected elected representatives doing their bidding.

We see this ever more now as we watch events in the markets unfold. Fanny and Freddy get the trillion dollar bail out, Lehman's will get some protections, AIG will be bought by the government and there is more to come. How many banks are now under federal control and not even an elected part of the government but rather one that was handed power by guess who? We call it the FED a private bank. Andrew Jackson broke the power of a private federal bank and it took 8 decades before they got power again, those were among the best 8 decades in american history too. But I digress.

It is nice to think we are dealing with new issues, but we are not, this is a struggle this country has been having since Wilson first put forward his socialist agenda and it was accepted by this country. Shadow Government, issues of the environment, political corruption and control by the powerful unelected because they know what is best for us, and so on. The real problem is we are steadily losing all of these fights because we fail to grasp or have an understanding of the history of it all and in times of rationality we do something without fully thinking it out that appears to fix one problem, but in fact creates a series of new ones.

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