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Thursday, September 18, 2008 - 04:17 pm Click here to edit this post
The whole point of many of the posts, Nix, is that Econmics and Enviromentalism go hand in hand. Do you really think senior citizens will give a crap about the environment when Senator Obama is proposing tax increases that directly screw them over? When a retired senior citizen wants to sell his house and move into a cheaper, smaller, less maintenance home or into a retirement community and he hears that Senator Obama now wants to take 28% of the home sale profit he will be using to move, do you think that senior citizen will give a crap about the environment? When that same senior citizen with a pension, 401k earnings, certain IRA earnings, maybe a mutual fund investment, other fund invesments, or direct stock investments hears about Senator Obama wanting to raise capital gains tax to 30% (and assuming that senior citizen understands that this tax increase will directly and indirectly hurt the return all those investments) do you really think he will give a crap about the environment?

The fact is you need MONEY to worry about the environment. I am all for spending more money on the environment even if its through a wasteful Federal Government. The problem is, you have to increase government revenue, or at least rational people who understand that deficits are a BAD thing know that you need to increase revenue.

Therefor it follows that LOWERING capital gains tax and LOWERING income tax across the board, both actions which have been shown to INCREASE government revenue, are the correct actions to take to help the environment.

Thus ends lesson 1 of Econ and the Environemnt 101.

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