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Football (Golden Rainbow)

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Zeta (Kebir Blue)

Thursday, September 18, 2008 - 03:33 pm Click here to edit this post
Rugby is way more bad-ass than US Rugbyball or whatever you want to call it ;)

Didn't a British rugby team once play an American footy team at both sports? I heard my dad mention it some time, and something along the lines of the Rugby players winning both games. But I can't find any links to it. So I can't really back ut up.

Anyway, the reason there are fewer (is this fact, or just a claim?) injuries in rugby than US footy is, I would imagine, more due to the stricter tackling laws in rugby. From what I've seen US footy has the padding because they allow high tackling -literally head to head- which is dangerous without it. In rugby, that kind of tackling is illegal because you'd take somebody's head off, and the occasions when they are head-to-head are pretty well organised and well governed.

I'd like to see any US footy team take on the All Blacks and survive to tell the tale. I doubt they'd get very far without their padding.

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