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American Election (2)

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Thursday, September 18, 2008 - 06:03 am Click here to edit this post
Sam, you bastard! That was our secret! I'm releasing the tapes with you and the Midgets.

Excuse me. Little people.

Nix. A real job is one that pays the bills and allows for savings and investments. Some folks find it necessary to work two or three.

The point of my deleted diatribe to you was that you can only be responsible for your little piece of the pie. If you wish to surrender your freedoms to faceless bureaucrats who promise to "save the planet" for you, such is your perogative.

Such blind faith in institutions with no record of anything other than looking after their own interests(and that includes ALL institutions in world history), is supremely foolish in my view. Not to mention that belligerent old codgers, such as myself, will fight before surrendering ours.

Environmental responsibility is common sense. But the difference between you and I is that I have some sense of perspective and proportionality when it comes to the human races' impact on this planet. You seem to have embraced the doomsday view that all human activity in inimical to Nature.

Real science is on my side.

Theoretical models are on yours.

Yes. Environmental issues, visavis the impending energy crisis and what to do about it, have brought the "Environment" to the forefront of American national politics.

Fortunately, none of the candidates are espousing the religious nonsense of the modern Environmental Movement. I can only hope that also have the sense not to act on any of the frauds (Kyoto Accords) that have been perpetrated in recent years.

I am a Conservationist who has spent a great deal of my adult life outdoors communing with nature. Of course I was heavily armed at the time and primarily concerned with how nature was going to effect operations, but I have seen most of what this world has to offer in terms of the environment. I know first hand the difference between surviving and living.

My stewardship of the land entrusted to me by my forebearers has enabled me to secure it from economic exploitation and developement at significant financial cost to my descendents.

Such is my right as a land owner.

So, nix, work hard. Buy your own land. Do what you will with it.

You CANNOT force the world to embrace suicidal beliefs that they will not on their own accord. As nations prosper, concern for the environment will follow in due course.

Try to force it on the world, and you get the Four Horsemen riding rampant.

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