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nix001 (Kebir Blue)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008 - 03:15 pm Click here to edit this post
So gardening and tree surgery is not a real job?
And before I get grilled, I only work on dying and dangerous tree's.
It's going to be down to the public to save our childrens enviroment(switching off lights, recycling waste, not driving if you can walk to the shop's, not buying things for buying's sake, Boss's of big corps not dumping their shite everywhere, etc).
I guess all the money spent on politics was to create a public awarness of the potential chaos thats going to be created if we don't do something about it.

The economically progressive nations and those that are technologically advanced have the ability to protect the environment. I would agree if they were goverment run companies and the technologies were given to the world without anyone making a profit, but they are not.
Most of the people who can buy these product's will be the people who have already put the enviroment through the mangle to get the money in the first place and those who can't are going to have to put the enviroment through the mangle some more to make the money.
To the point of starvation. Plants need suited conditions to grow. We are already seeing crops around the world failing because of the unpredicted fast pace of this enviromental change.
What does a human need to live?
Unlike the previous wars man has had with it's self, this one is a battle with our own morality. No one is going to have to be killed to save our childrens future standard of living(seeing different life, being able to go out side in the sun, not have half the world on there door step because they have no where else to live and also a stable economy which is based as the way the American's had it in 1903 before it was changed. One of need not want.)
Probably 70% of the polution is caused by wanting what you don't need.

Also If we did'nt have, the world would'nt want.
Face it, the world was kind of enviromentaly friendly until big business ruled.

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