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DavePat (Fearless Blue)

Monday, September 15, 2008 - 11:14 pm Click here to edit this post
What is the most dangerous animal in North America, that kills over 130 humans a year on average and injuries 10s of thousands more!

Before I get to the answer though....

Who am I?

Elected Govenor of my state I ran on a reform platform, challenging the republican party bosses and defeating them, taking on corruption and exposing favortism. I have 5 children and was selected to be the republican party's VP pick by another reform minded Presidential canidate who has a history of taking on the establishment. As an advent hunter all my life, I have hunted and skinned moose. I have 5 children and still find to time take on the industrialists and corruption.

People believe what they want regardless of truth or facts. Typically people will believe the first thing they hear and repeat it so often if they are of a mind to, that that becomes the fact. When they discover they were wrong, the normal response is to defend the position despite the fact they were wrong to start with. We are tainted by our times and those about us what we read is the gospil, after all the media would never lie to us now would they? I find it interesting that people continue to quote various media sources as being the truth, despite their long history of lying and making it up. Despite this being in print most people who read it will only get 0ne word in 10, and most not even that much. The 2 posts above this one are more effective because they under 10 words and will appeal to the attention span of most educated people on the planet.

The most dangerous animal: The White Tail Deer
Who am I? Teddy Roosevelt.

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