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Travis Goeringer

Saturday, September 13, 2008 - 05:24 pm Click here to edit this post
Obama will close the border? Doubtful. He needs poor migrant workers to give entitlements to so they will vote for him.

End the war in Iraq? If I'm not mistaken, the timetable that no one wanted, is almost in place. Congress already okay'd the treaty, we're just waiting for the limp Iraqi parliament to sign it. Troops will be moved out of all Iraqi cities by the end of next year, and ALMOST(I use almost loosely because I haven't heard enough details if we'll keep a couple bases there or not) entirely out of Iraq by 2011. Either you didn't hear it on the news, or you didn't want it to be known because Obama keeps saying he'll get the troops home from Iraq.

Why is that everyone who rambles on about "energy independence" are the same people who refuse to drill for domestic oil? Anyone who thinks that our nation or the world for that matter can be without oil in ten years is living in a pipe dream. Even when an alternative fuel that is efficient enough to use in place of oil is achieved/discovered, you know how long it will take for the infrastructure to support it to be built? 15-20 years is a closer and more practical estimation. There needs to be something happening to carry us through.....foreign oil isn't the answer.

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