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One Time Not so Long ago (Fearless Blue)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  One Time Not so Long ago (Fearless Blue)

DavePat (Fearless Blue)

Thursday, September 11, 2008 - 01:14 pm Click here to edit this post
I once decided to take a train across the country. This was ineed an experience. It was many many years ago, long before a lot of the troubles started and yet at the beginning of our troubles.

I think it is fitting as this September 11th passes that I share with you all a tale.

I had a ten hour lay over in Washington City. Since I had never been there before I figured I would explore our nations capital. It was before Christmas by several days, so the city did not have a lot of visitors, all the politicans were gone. It had not yet snowed much, only a little here and there was on the ground.

I visited many sights, Arlinton was serene and quit, I rendered honors before the tomb of the unknown soldier, the old guard faithfully standing post! Jefferson memorial, Samual Adams, Washington, all our great founders inspiring future generations to greatness, with both word and deed were marvels to behold. Lincoln sitting upon his chair towering over you gave one pause, the words above his head giving one hope that this nation will and does produce men willing to give to preserve. I have since felt that the words there hold more meaning and relevance than the words on the marble to his side - his great address that I had to memorize in school. I ventured out to the capitol building, freely moving about within, I even went to the visitor galleries without challenge and sat looking upon the floors of the house and senate and thought of the great and not so great that had sat in those chambers over the years. I visited the United States Supreme Court Building, sat in the gallery there, even went so far as to stand before one of the podium before the justices bench and thought that one day I might stand here and argue a land shaping case one day. I walked to the White House and gazed upon it, walking the entire block around it, stoping to ponder what life must have been like there over the decades. I even went to what was then called the areospace annex building. A large shed set in an open field that would eventually become the areospace building. There I touched Freedship 7, peered inside a Gemini and a Appolo, and walked around a lander. Other sights within were just as freely and openly accessable.

It was of course like I said a different time, but now looking back one that impressed me with the freedom to explore, to see, to feel, to experience our treasures, and our ideals. One I wish that one day we shall return to, one that I pray we can return to.

In those words that are engraved all over the city, on buildings, statues, momuments - God Bless the United States of America!

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