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American Election

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Thursday, September 11, 2008 - 10:08 am Click here to edit this post
Than vote for me. I will take away the mideasts trump card- Oil. I will win the hearts and minds of the muslim world afterwards- sending food and relief supplies during the following mideast economic crisis. I will give states their rights back- thus giving the average man their rights back. I will institute a mear $10 a month tax were the money raised will either buy comps for schools or health care for vets or whatever is needed.
I will institute a percentage of percapita speeding ticket law. If you only make $1000 dollars a month, size of your ticket will reflect that. If you make $60K a month, your ticket will reflect that.
I will erect a giant bronze statue of farmerbob on the white house lawn and give everyone who votes for me a pen with their name on it.
I will pander only to the party of the people and no one else. Lobbyist? Please, I've always been poor, the $800k a year presidential pay would make me feel darn rich enough.

Vote for me and vote for change.

Austia '08

(Austia has approved this message)

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