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To W3C Staff : Reguarding Bankrupt countries in empires (Fearless Blue)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  To W3C Staff : Reguarding Bankrupt countries in empires (Fearless Blue)

Matt Crouch (Fearless Blue)

Friday, January 07, 2005 - 03:46 pm Click here to edit this post
I think I have better solutions. I greatly dislike the first 2 suggestions you offer keith, although I think the third is nice and is balanced as well.

my alternate proposals:
1) allow at least 200b / month cash transfers per country. With large enough empires, paying off any amount of debt should not be problematic.

unlimited transfers up to the max cash-debt dont seem to be too problematic to me either, and would erase the problems in your scenario even for very small empires and single countries, keith

Rich countries could pay off war damages and destroyed corporation debt without beign evicted.
(is this unbalanacing somehow in ways I dont see?)

2) When the just end the war' option is chosen, the loser could be evicted. alternately another option to evict the loser could be added.

Then you can end the threat of an attacking country without taking it over and inheriting its debt.

Also, I think at least half of your scenario is a non-issue

one fo the nice things about auto eviction is it makes your scenario almost impossible

the attacking president would be auto-evicted once their economy was destroyed


Sheik, people abuse the magic money feature constantly. Ask anton :P

permitting unlimited bdet with no consequences invites other abuses as well. To name a few:

Continual imperialistic common market usage (ok in my book to a large extent, but accumulating 100t debt and giving other countries tons of profit, then deregigging the 100T debt country with no consquences is clearly crappy)

massive defense buying. You can buy defense weapons regardless of your fiannces. getting a 1 war rank country with 25TT debt and using it to defend your empire until you dont want it or need it anymore, than deregging and erceiving no consqequences is also crappy
you may scoff but ive seen a #1 WR country built up just like this, and have fought against far too many no-economy countries with tons of defenses to like it much

Attack countries in keiths scenario with massive debt and no economy, simply deregged with no consequences. also not so great


Take care of your countries, or suffer the conseuqneces. Its the way it should have always been. :)

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