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Monday, September 8, 2008 - 09:33 am Click here to edit this post
Austia: What don't you understand? No one agrees with you. Nor like farmerbob said, are you being labeled an bigot. Ignorant perhaps, but the thing you are missing is the one point you have already made: You HAVE changed your situation. I wake up every damn day and guess what- still black. So many of my people hate THEMSELVES and don't know why. But they can't change it.

I live in a "diverse" city, but I still get passed up when I a flagging a cab down. I don't look like a thug, I don't look like a criminal. But some days I am treated or viewed as one. I CAN'T change it. I am proud to be me. So it is a challenge I accept and revel in joy everyday that I disprove the stereotype. The day I die Austia, guess what, I'll STILL be black. Still. Tell me again what you are confused about. Because it is clear to me and many others what the difference is.

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