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Chat Log, Jozi Chat, 6th of September

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Chat Log, Jozi Chat, 6th of September

John R

Saturday, September 6, 2008 - 07:47 pm Click here to edit this post
[15:35] L:
[15:35] L: Here's the example of the best the Portuguese Navy has.
[15:35] WildEyes: lol. that looks... old
[15:36] L: No, no. no... well, yes... But it still... floats.
[15:36] WildEyes: haha
[15:36] WildEyes: a much better conceptual design than my STEEL CUBE OF DEATH
[15:37] L: ROFLMAO! Was it equiped with deadly vertexes?
[15:37] WildEyes: lol. yes.
[15:37] WildEyes: if you walk into it in the right way, it could even put an eye out!
[15:37] L: hahaha
[15:37] WildEyes: or you could tub thine toe
[15:54] * Joins: General_SamHouston (
[15:56] * Joins: nutegunray (
[15:57] * Joins: KevinHenry (
[15:58] * Retrieving #jozichat modes...
[15:58] * L sets mode: +m
[15:59] L: Welcome everyone. Thanks for coming... You can find the cookies to your left and the milk on your right.
[15:59] L: I just wanted to thank Jozi & staff to implement the empire pages, although the weapons page needs twinking.
[15:59] L: If you want voice to speak your questions, please PM.
[16:00] L: Jozi, can on the empire page for the weapons, can you please make it so that it shows weapons:
[16:00] L: * per type
[16:00] L: * per country
[16:00] L: * deployed
[16:01] L: * active
[16:01] L: * inactive
[16:01] L: And in a request related to this one, on Off and Defensive Forces of each country, deployed weapons aren't listed nor do they count towards the 10% recativation.
[16:01] Jozi: OK. We will look into it. It seems like it will be easy to improve.
[16:01] L: Can ya fix that?
[16:02] Jozi: yes we can
[16:02] Jozi: sounds like Obama
[16:03] L: lol... Thanks.
[16:03] L: What? What did I do now?
[16:03] * L sets mode: +v WildEyes
[16:03] WildEyes: Hi jozi, thanks for waiting on us :)
[16:03] WildEyes: Can the team take a look at the game clock and do some fine tuning on it?
[16:04] WildEyes: Just as an example, when I joined SC back in Oct-Nov last year the countries woudl update on the 3-4th of the month. Then after the new year it had slowly creeped back to the 5-6th
[16:04] WildEyes: now, on LU, it's back between the 11-13th
[16:04] * L changes topic to 'If you want voice (+v), to speak your concerns and pose your questions, PM L(aguna).'
[16:05] WildEyes: plus, CEOs and countries update at different times, and spending spaces slowly re-generate in the first half of the month. It seems like they should all update at once. I wouldn't even mind a few minutes downtime in maitenence mode if the load is too much to do at once, but as long as it keeps us on a regular schedule
[16:05] WildEyes: Thanks :) That's my whole question unless you need elaboration
[16:05] Jozi: the time depends on where your country is in the world. We start processing and run country for country.
[16:06] Jozi: in some places, your are updated on the first of the month, on other places much later.
[16:06] Jozi: in addition, it also depends on other activities at the same time. If there are many simultanious players and many wars, it becomes a little slower.
[16:07] WildEyes: Did the order ever change? Because it's my original country that I noticed the pushing back from the 3-4th and it now updating on the 11-13th
[16:07] Jozi: enterprises are processed when countries are all done. There is little we can do except for putting larger servers which we have done already twice. (replaces all 7 servers).
[16:08] WildEyes: ok
[16:08] Jozi: the order does not change. It is ordered by the country number. you can see it when you
[16:08] Jozi: put the mouse on the country. The browser shows the number.
[16:09] Jozi: done
[16:09] L: I'm number 197389. That's what I get for waking up late...
[16:10] L: No further questions, Wild?
[16:10] WildEyes: thanks. If there's nothing that can be done *shakes fist at servers!* :)
[16:10] WildEyes: done
[16:10] Jozi: to prevent confusion: numbers are 1 to 4000 or up to 6200 on white giant.
[16:11] * L sets mode: +v General_SamHouston
[16:11] Jozi: done...
[16:12] * L sets mode: -v WildEyes
[16:12] General_SamHouston: Hello Jozi, thanks for joining us again
[16:13] General_SamHouston: I was curious if banking was still a proposed addition to simcountry and when that might be implemented
[16:13] Jozi: yes it is.
[16:13] General_SamHouston: Excellent
[16:13] Jozi: the latest features where the empire pages and we will continue to add small features and many bug fixes in the worlds.
[16:14] Jozi: we have also improved the boosters and we want to spend much of our time on new functions on the portal.
[16:14] Jozi: this includes a very big one we are working on now:
[16:15] Jozi: this will be a chat system that is custom made for simcountry with connections to the list of players being on line, and their preferences
[16:16] Jozi: and also chat rooms for federations, common markets, private chat rooms, also for the security council etc.
[16:16] General_SamHouston: Very nice
[16:16] Jozi: we are half way now.
[16:16] Jozi: following that, we will get to trading on the portal, including the trade of money.
[16:16] Jozi: done
[16:16] General_SamHouston: Thank you Jozi....I look forward to it
[16:16] L: Thanks for working on the portal, Jozi, gallant leader. - WildEyes
[16:17] General_SamHouston: Done
[16:17] L: I'm just the messanger... don't kiss me yet.
[16:17] * L sets mode: -v General_SamHouston
[16:17] * L sets mode: +v KevinHenry
[16:17] Jozi: I will keep the creen clean.
[16:18] KevinHenry: jozi, after the portals, what will the next big item be?
[16:18] Jozi: I just saw on the other screen that the first award was 6 gold coins? I will look into it.
[16:18] Jozi: done
[16:19] L: lol... It was for a CEO.
[16:19] Jozi: We have a huge list of voted items and want to go into it and at least make a little dent. Otherwise it means nothing and there are many good ideas there.
[16:20] Jozi: in addition, we have not finished many features of the war engine, including training and quality of the military units and other smaller issues.
[16:21] Jozi: we want to go into new types of energy and did all the research so we know about emissions, pollution etc.
[16:21] Jozi: this will be a bigger feature.
[16:21] KevinHenry: great, i hope setting ammo levels will also be part of the war engine updates
[16:21] Jozi: The list is long and complex.
[16:21] Jozi: don't forget trains.
[16:22] Jozi: We will update the page on the site that shows what we are planing. It is updated very long time ago.
[16:22] Jozi: done
[16:22] KevinHenry: interest in trains isn't as strong as some :)
[16:22] KevinHenry: done
[16:22] Jozi: setting ammo levels? where?
[16:22] KevinHenry: i would like to be able to set the level of ammo that tiggers auto-ordering by the country
[16:23] Jozi: trains are used as a common joke for several years now.
[16:23] Jozi: O. That was already partially done. for all products. then the guy went on vacation but he is back. I will check and make it happen ASAP.
[16:23] Jozi: done
[16:24] KevinHenry: right now they only auto-order when ammo is at 0 or in the negatives, it should be able to be set higher by the president
[16:24] KevinHenry: oh, ok, that would be great
[16:24] KevinHenry: done
[16:25] L: "Yeah, yeah, we know the story. I published a book about it"
[16:25] L: --Laguna on trains
[16:25] Jozi: on auto ordering:
[16:25] L: Great poin Manny I am sure trains will be added and you are the best person to make sure they remain on the agenda.
[16:25] L: --Jozi
[16:26] L: Where's Manny?... lol
[16:26] Jozi: the whole system was built around the quantities used per month. Ammo is different. we need to have a page that allows you to set minimum targets
[16:26] Jozi: in terms of month use or in absolute numbers. This is not done yet but will be shortly.
[16:26] Jozi: done
[16:26] KevinHenry: that would be great
[16:26] KevinHenry: thank you
[16:27] KevinHenry: done
[16:27] * Joins: shipdoctor (
[16:27] * L reads up...
[16:27] L: Don't make the game too complex now. I only have two brains and one of doesn't work for Simcountry.
[16:28] L:
[16:28] Jozi: No. you are right. we have to make it easier. anyone who wants to help?
[16:28] L: Something is wrong with the Hall of Fame list.
[16:28] Jozi: we want to start these web casts and are looking to people who want to make them
[16:28] L: It doesn't show those who win more than one award in the month.
[16:29] Jozi: we will pay for it.
[16:29] L: I've done one for finances, but I need to work on my pronounciation
[16:29] Jozi: we want to make a series of short (2 to 3 minutes) web casts that will explain in screens and voice
[16:29] Jozi: how to use some basic functions.
[16:29] L: "If you click here, you go there".
[16:30] Jozi: this will help beginners who are lost in the first hours and leave us for ever.
[16:30] Jozi: done
[16:30] L: I just don't think you should pay money for it... the same goes for Promoting Member program
[16:30] L: Just give it all in GCs.
[16:31] L: Speaking of which, are you sure the Promoting Members program is working?... I've never heard anyone saying they got some GCs from someone clicking the links and becoming a paying member
[16:32] Jozi: we will look into the hall of fame page and fix it Monday.
[16:32] Jozi: we will leave the payment method out of this chat. The point is, we will hire external people to do this for us and if someone is interested, just let us know.
[16:32] Jozi: done
[16:33] L: Fine, fine... I would like a list to see who is recruiting the most using the links from the Promoting Members Program.
[16:33] * Joins: barney (
[16:33] L: If you people wanna say something, just PM me.
[16:34] * L sets mode: +v WildEyes
[16:34] Jozi: I recently looked into it and I am not sure we do what we promissed and surly not fast enough. I will have it checks next week.
[16:34] WildEyes: ooh, woot. Hi again. Jozi, when will the last leap be made from old deployments to the garrison system? eg., removing the old deployment screen
[16:35] WildEyes: and putting all the units deployed under that system back into the stockpile, requiring people to send garrisons
[16:36] Jozi: very soon. we want to let people some time to move over to the new garrison version. It is long enough. we will let go of the old deployment and remove the commands and options.
[16:36] WildEyes: Also, will you be our Lizard King?
[16:37] Jozi: don't think so. there are many better candidates.
[16:37] WildEyes: lol, okay. Thanks :)
[16:37] L: lol Jozi never removes anything... This included.
[16:37] L:
[16:38] L: My personalities... Which one to choose?
[16:38] Jozi: what is it?
[16:38] WildEyes: good to know about the defenses. there are actually a lot of old screens that are still hidden that you can access by links
[16:38] L: You don't remember the Roleplaying thing on GR?
[16:38] WildEyes: not links, i mean by typing them right into the address bar
[16:38] * Quits: rob (rob-hardma@ (Quit: )
[16:38] L: "Hi. I am Laguna and I work as a Senior Doctor in a hospital in Tokyo-3, Seele"
[16:38] WildEyes: done
[16:39] L: "Our Prez is a rotten evil bastard that goes by the name of Laguna. He's weird and kinky."
[16:39] L: "Ooops... Am I speaking about myself?"
[16:39] Jozi: thanks. I will have it completed and cleaned up.
[16:39] * L sets mode: +v barney
[16:39] barney: hello jozi
[16:39] * L sets mode: -v KevinHenry
[16:39] * L sets mode: -v WildEyes
[16:40] Jozi: hi
[16:40] barney: currently a player can make hundreds of defensive unts with say 1 jeep.
[16:40] barney: these units are stacked at borders and making a ground invasion impossible
[16:40] barney: I would like to see defensive units weighted in some way that is more realistic.
[16:41] barney: 1 jeep should not be able to stop a 3600 weapon division
[16:41] L: Make min requirements. That should solve something.
[16:41] barney: right
[16:41] barney: done
[16:42] Jozi: I did not realize. I must admit and it is not what we aimed at. we will add minimum requirements. It is an error.
[16:42] Jozi: It will be looked into this week and as it is an error, we will fix it ASAP.
[16:42] barney: thanks done
[16:42] Jozi: done
[16:42] barney: and get rid of
[16:42] barney: they are now useless
[16:42] barney: hows that lag?
[16:43] L: Its fine... I can't see much trouble with, unless setting the actual min.
[16:43] Jozi: useless. tell me more.
[16:43] barney: Im being silly. you guys covered all the ugs
[16:43] L: Its a scheme to drive the little n00bs nuts!
[16:43] barney: bugs
[16:44] L: Jozi gets 50% of the hospital and psicratic bills... Conspiracy, I say!
[16:44] barney: Im done
[16:44] L: Wait, wait... We are doing this wrong. We shouldn't argue about removing nukes, about why they should stay.
[16:44] L: If they have to no reason to stay?... Begone?
[16:45] L: So.. I would like to hear you for once. ;p
[16:45] L: but about why*
[16:45] barney: they dont offer an effective counter to vets/large players. vets/large players have NDB deployed.
[16:46] L: That's not radical enough on my book. It begs the question why should there be any "counter agaisnt vets".
[16:46] * L sets mode: +v KevinHenry
[16:46] * L sets mode: +v WildEyes
[16:46] * Looking up L user info...
[16:46] barney: Truth be told it really doesnt matter to me.
[16:46] WildEyes: Kev and I both have relevent testimony on nukes
[16:46] L: You're in too, Jozi. Make a stand!
[16:47] WildEyes: Kev can speak about how NDBs deployed by an experienced player makes nuking worthless
[16:47] WildEyes: and I can speak about how actually getting nuked doesn't stop a vet player
[16:48] barney: im done go ahead someone
[16:48] Jozi: Obviously, you can efend against them but they are used in many wars. so there is no reason to make a drastic change.
[16:48] WildEyes: On FB I got ganged up on with over 100 declarations of war. The only countries I actually lost were due to missile barrages. I also got nuked constantly and was able to reclaim what I lost, and take over a dozen of their countries. Nuking did nothing effective to stop my offense or defense. It just killed imaginary mans
[16:48] L: I would say that besides being a gimmick(?), an extra for being a Full Member, there is no actual reason for their part in the game.
[16:48] L: They unbalance the game.
[16:48] KevinHenry: i'm actually pro-nukes....but i remember way back when, jozi talked about changing the nuke defense set-up and making it more of a "percent protection shield" you're 90% protected....the percent depended upon number of batteries and possibly other factors
[16:48] L: A weapon of 11B kills 6400B in pop, yay.
[16:49] barney: they destroy assets which makes people very upset.
[16:49] WildEyes: so as a way to "counter vets" they don't work. Take the war barn and I fought on FB as the case study. They just give less experienced players a false illusion of power
[16:49] L: And NO! Don't make the more powerful, if that's what you are thinking.
[16:50] barney: haha
[16:50] L: What was wrong the previous nukes anyway?
[16:50] WildEyes: even if they're more powerful, it still won't increase their ability to help you win a war.
[16:50] Jozi: why not tuning them up. They were more powerful in the past. too much so.
[16:50] L: Was it the "realism" asked by other players asked three years?... Things changed. Blindly seeking realism is not supported.
[16:51] L: No, no, no... What happened was a problem with the MIBs
[16:51] L: You could shoot several nukes at once, and we asked too much and not enough on missiles
[16:51] barney: Heres a question...
[16:52] L: You could shoot several nukes at once, and we spent* too much and not enough on anti missile missiles
[16:52] Jozi: If nukes where to kill between 100.000 and 1000.000 in a city? that will not destroy an country but will inflict pain.
[16:52] barney: If country A has an active war with country B, C, D, E.
[16:52] L: Unnecessary pain. In fact I need to speak about that.
[16:52] barney: shuld country A be able to fire one total nuke per 15 inutes or 4 per 15minutes?
[16:53] WildEyes: as one last comment about the effectiveness of nukes in war. All my nukable targets were destroyed, having been nuked to dust several RL days in a row, and my WI never dropped more than a point below 40.
[16:53] L: As for the they are used in multiple wars argument, they only are because people are crazy and because they are there to be used.
[16:53] * Joins: TattooedPriest (
[16:53] L: [16:52] barney: shuld country A be able to fire one total nuke per 15 inutes or 4 per 15minutes?
[16:53] L: Yes. I do not see why not.
[16:53] barney: OK
[16:53] barney: just asking
[16:53] barney: thats alot of pain over a large empire to endure if they all get through
[16:54] L: In Jozi's logic, nukes are used to inflict pain on the enemy party - which I disagree, but that's beyond the point -, so its only reasonable to attack 15 minutes per enemy country,
[16:54] Jozi: we had a problem with nukes in the past and fixed it by reducing their damage several times.
[16:55] L: Which points out that the underline problem of nukes is that they are too deadly for Simcountry.
[16:55] L: They do not fit in with the whole of the game.
[16:55] Jozi: as a result, the number of casualties was reduced and with it the damage to the war index.
[16:55] barney: x 10 countries with 70 million pop each. 10 nukes per 15 minutes. we can kill alot of asset.
[16:55] L: We do not destroy. We build and capture.
[16:56] L: Understand now, Jozi?...
[16:56] * L sets mode: -v barney
[16:56] * L sets mode: -v KevinHenry
[16:56] Jozi: if you defense is not good enough, maybe your war index should drop faster when a nuke hits you.
[16:56] * L sets mode: -v WildEyes
[16:56] L: Fine, fine... Lets do things as this. We well re-read all which was wrote in the last 15 minutes and think about it.
[16:56] Jozi: so what do we have? no consensus on nukes. no reason to remove them
[16:57] Jozi: I will.
[16:58] L: You are the only one advocating the use of nukes. Even players that use nukes, understand they are way off.
[16:58] L: As for consensus... Lack of consensus or not, it does not demonstrate there's lack of reason.
[16:59] Jozi: removing them, removes a dimention from the game that is controvertial and attrative to many.
[16:59] Jozi: instead of removing them, we should look for a better balance.
[16:59] L: I would say there's diferent priority to the same premisses.
[16:59] Jozi: with all the changes in the war engine, there are more aspects that are not in balance and we know it and should improve.
[17:00] L: Yes, I understand that. To remove them leaves a whole that needs to be filled. We do not know wiht what yet tho.
[17:01] Jozi: clear to me. we will come back to this issue and publish on the forum in the coming week or two.
[17:01] Jozi: done
[17:01] L: Okay. On to the next issue.
[17:02] L: We often complain about small glitchs or bugs, in hope to make the game better to those that already play...
[17:02] L: This time, I want a change that will bring and estabelish new players.
[17:03] L: I wish the addition of a new world that doesn't require GCs to register and to play. I wish reset to be mandatory.
[17:03] L: In other words, I wish that player can play for free without end.
[17:03] L: But just in one world.
[17:03] L: And this world will be custom-built for that end.
[17:04] L: Are you up to add another world for free?
[17:04] * Joins: SimPlayer_5546 (webclient@
[17:04] * Quits: SimPlayer_5546 (webclient@ (Quit: Today is a good day to chat.)
[17:04] Jozi: there are some problems here. the first one is that people hates the resets in the past and left us when their countries were reset.
[17:05] Jozi: I mean they hated the resets.
[17:05] L: Yes, I under that. Also, I forgot to mention, it will have its own diferent rules.
[17:05] L: I'm from that time, Jozi. :p
[17:05] L: The reason: why did they hate resets?
[17:06] Jozi: some peole play the intro several times and at some point, decide to stay.
[17:06] L: Just tell me, will you consider it? I will develop the idea and gave it to you.
[17:07] Jozi: there are more problems: it will require two different set of rules and increase work here tremendously. What is the reason to do this? you think it will attract new players?
[17:07] L: I did not pay to play this game for a long while. I've reached the top of the game. I interact with all kinds of players. I scout other games similar to this one to see what we are missing. I can tell what needs to be done.
[17:08] Jozi: we are short of man power and there are so many things to do. it will stop many new developments and many bug fixes we need.
[17:08] L: It will not only attract new players, but it will give reason for some of them to finally pay to play.
[17:09] Jozi: I would love to hear from you what you think we need to attract new players. We have looked into it many times and the main reason for new players to leave is not the $ 4 per month.
[17:10] L: As long as the world doesn't need to be updated, man power won't be a problem after sometime, right?
[17:10] Jozi: The main reason is that they do not understand what to do here. They register, choose a country, get to the country page
[17:10] Jozi: and then what
[17:11] Jozi: we need then to maintain two different models and people will decide to start paying and what do they do with the country they have?
[17:11] L: That also tells me to say... the forum needs to be redone. We need a section for conversations not related with Simcountry.
[17:11] L: Intercat is key in this kind of game. Some people just like to berate over things not in the game.
[17:12] L: Interaction.
[17:12] Jozi: I fully agree. we talked here about the fact that when someone leaves, they write on the forum.
[17:12] L: Lets just make a little experiement? You can call it Little Experiment. : )
[17:12] L: I will write the foundations for the new world then and I will then give them to you.
[17:13] Jozi: ten lines about the game, how good it is and mainly how stupid it is, and how stupid we are.
[17:13] Jozi: that is good for 10 lines.
[17:13] Jozi: then there are two pages about the friends they found here.
[17:13] L: LOL
[17:13] Jozi: this is why we want a much better chat and we are working hard to do a good one.
[17:14] L: Geez... You didn't read my post where I was complimenting the Demographics of the agme did you? :p
[17:14] Jozi: I would love to read your proposal and as you know, we respond.
[17:14] L: Did you read the thread "Wikipedia entry: Simcountry" on the General forum, btw?
[17:14] * Joins: Owen (owenjevans@
[17:15] L: Google as finally stopped correcting "Simcountry" to "Icountry" too...
[17:15] L: Fine. I will. On to the next...
[17:15] * L sets mode: +v nutegunray
[17:15] Jozi: I did not. when was it? I must admit, I was out some time and many of us too. It was vacation time. we are all back now.
[17:16] Jozi: I will read today
[17:16] L: I started it on July the 29th. Its nothing special.
[17:16] * Joins: Owen1 (owenjevans@
[17:17] L: It just supports some of the things said here and some changes.
[17:17] * Quits: Owen (owenjevans@ (Connection reset by peer)
[17:17] Jozi: back to the beginners?
[17:18] * L is now known as trout
[17:18] * trout slaps nutegunray around a bit with a large trout
[17:18] * trout is now known as L
[17:18] L: [17:18] nutegunray: i had wanted to let mr. jozi know one of the best reasons to keep the nuclear program is that it adds a very real world simulation
[17:18] L: ZOMG! Not this again
[17:19] L: In the real world... the Fear/Terror balanace kept nukes from being lost. Here, they don't.
[17:19] Jozi: see? another proponent of nukes.
[17:19] L: I'll convert him. Eventually. ;)
[17:19] nutegunray: i had wanted to let mr. jozi know one of the best reasons to keep the nuclear program is that it adds a very real world simulation
[17:19] Jozi: beginners? special world?
[17:20] nutegunray: i say this because in th real world there is a threat od nuke war
[17:20] L: The special world will explore the socialigical/biological/whatever reasons that keep a new player playing.
[17:20] nutegunray: and i also think that this feature has an element of research and development
[17:21] nutegunray: as i had to research on how to begin my nuclear program
[17:21] L: It will manipulate their behaviour, if that can be said, to cause strife and/or cooperation to keep on playing. Among some wonderful DRAMAZ.
[17:21] Jozi: laguna, are convinced yet?
[17:22] nutegunray: and finally this is the one weapon that there is agraphic attached when it is used. so my vote is please keep the nukes
[17:22] nutegunray: done
[17:22] L: Geez... fine, fine. If nukes remain this powerful, they must be 10x more expensive. :p
[17:23] Jozi: we never considered removing nukes. I might be convinced now that we need to rebalance the war game slightly and give them a better role
[17:24] nutegunray: agreed there is huge destruction from them so it may indeed be out of balance
[17:24] Jozi: I am not yet convinced about the beginners. We think that the problem is not the $ 4. Most of the new comers leave us long before they even dicovered that they will eventually be requested to pay.
[17:24] nutegunray: thanks mr. jozi and mr laguna i am done
[17:24] Jozi: they just don't get it.
[17:24] Jozi: thanks.
[17:25] * L sets mode: +v barney
[17:25] barney: how about some type of automatic boycott on a player empire that fires nukes?
[17:25] barney: this is built in braking that should give pause
[17:25] barney: we love our econs after all
[17:26] barney: done
[17:27] Jozi: I think we need to limit the number of nukes you can fire at one time or within a couple of minutes.
[17:27] barney: agreed
[17:27] Jozi: a boycott should be an action by a group.
[17:28] Jozi: we do not want to start any automatic boycotts.
[17:28] Jozi: done
[17:28] barney: anti boycott votes can negate most boycott attempts on popular players who are misbehaving
[17:29] barney: The "cost" of firing nukes needs to be reconsidered in some way.
[17:29] barney: done
[17:29] Jozi: I hope that the new chat system will make it easier to contact players, chat with them one to one while they are on line and
[17:30] barney: you can "unvoice" me laguna.
[17:30] * L sets mode: -v barney
[17:30] Jozi: convince them to join. more communication will make it more interesting for most players.
[17:30] L: "Join one for one free blowjob!"
[17:30] * L sets mode: +v Owen1
[17:30] Owen1: hey
[17:31] Jozi: Laguna, you are to be banned!
[17:31] L: Again!?!
[17:31] Owen1: You say Boycotts shold be a "griup action" does that mean , that you want to make it avaiilable to boycott as a fed ?
[17:31] Owen1: group*
[17:32] Jozi: I mean that people should agree to do this and talk about it. The fed may decide to do it but then, the members will have to vote.
[17:32] Owen1: right , Thank you
[17:33] * Quits: Owen1 (owenjevans@ (Connection reset by peer)
[17:33] * Joins: Owen (owenjevans@
[17:33] * L sets mode: -v nutegunray
[17:34] * Joins: X (X@
[17:34] L: To work now on the other project that is trying to help hold the players that register in Simcountry to keep on playing also based on Intercation... The Blogs
[17:34] L: How are they advancing?
[17:35] Jozi: Many unused ones but also many that are being used. We plan to add a page that will have links to blogs that have been updated.
[17:36] Jozi: I think most people will use them outside the game. We will also start adding some worl and game news.
[17:36] Jozi: you can alsways remove our messages.
[17:37] * Genie sets mode: +h X
[17:37] * X sets mode: -m
[17:37] L: Also, when setting up the blogs, there is this option (Settings, Privacy) that allows the blogs to appear on search engines or... that should be "I would like my blog to be visible to everyone, including search engines (like Google, Sphere, Technorati) and archivers" by default.
[17:38] L: I just use Google Blogs to see which ones are being used. But that page is needed.
[17:38] * Parts: KevinHenry (
[17:38] L: And yes, I found your blog. ;0
[17:38] * Joins: cujo (
[17:39] Jozi: Oh, i will look into it and make sure that are visible.
[17:39] Jozi: my blog?
[17:39] L:
[17:40] L: Simcountry's blog... not yours. lol
[17:41] Jozi: so what about more questions? or are we done for the day?
[17:41] L: Seems not. You are free, Jozi, free!
[17:42] Jozi: ha ha . Not really. I have a page ful of things to take care of.
[17:42] Jozi: Thanks for your help.
[17:42] Jozi: thanks everyone for being here.
[17:42] L: haha That's what you get from coming here. ;p
[17:43] Jozi: Laguna, you can propose a new date, like 4 or 5 weeks from now?
[17:43] L: 8th of Nov?
[17:43] L: 1st of Nov is Day of All Saints... Some will probably be away
[17:43] Jozi: somehow people here are coming with real bugs and make the point. it helps as we are interested of course in solving these problems.
[17:44] L: I haven't found any small, annoying bug recently... If i did. I forgot. What about you people?
[17:44] Jozi: seems OK. I am here in November. This is 8 or 9 weeks but OK with me.
[17:45] L: LOL
[17:45] L: OOops. Forgot that October was in the middle. XD
[17:45] Jozi: we get at least 5 mails per week that result in a bug fix. we get more that are not a bug but
[17:46] Jozi: we are fixing bugs all the time. some very small and detailed some are harder to find.
[17:46] Jozi: when we all were back from vacation, one engineer went a full week to clear up the backlog.
[17:46] L: 4th of October or the 11th?
[17:46] L: haha
[17:47] Jozi: let's make it the 4th.
[17:47] L: Ok
[17:48] * L changes topic to 'Next Jozi section: 4th of October'
[17:48] * L changes topic to 'Next Jozi session: 4th of October'
[17:49] Jozi: ok. Thanks. Bye.

Simcountry Introduction