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DavePat (Fearless Blue)

Friday, September 5, 2008 - 02:15 pm Click here to edit this post
And Obama has exactly what creditials to compare with being the mayor of a city and the govenor of a state? Both of which are executive experience, responsible for money, enforcing laws and presenting budgets and legislation. Please inform us oh koolaid drinkers what exactly has Obama done to compare with any of that? And allow me to remind you Obama is the top of his ticket not the number 2 spot. Biden tried to run for President once before, did you all know that? Do you all know why he had to drop out? A little legal matter came up early in the bid which killed his chance of getting the democratic nomination.

As for the skill translatable to the office of President - well all of it actually. Those in Britian need to understand I think, that the govenor of the states is the chief executive of the state. The state in reality is a country that gave up only certain powers for federalization. Each state has a secretary of state and states such as Alaska do indeed deal with limited forgien relations. This is true of all our western states and some of the gulf states as well as the border states (Mexico and Canada). There are certain provisions in forgien agreements between these states and other countries. Also the states themsleves make foriegn agreements between each other in matters not related to federalism. One example of this is in driving tickets. If a state does not have an agreement to enforce the other states speeding tickets you will be taken before a judge rather than just given a ticket and released if the officer decides to give you a ticket. These agreemens are handled just like treaties between the US and other counties. Palin as the govenor of Alaska has to enforce these agreements (treaties) just as the President of the US does, also via their Sectretary of state negotiate them.

I hope this helps in some small messure to clear up the relative experience issue some are having.

If not simply put the power of the govenor is exactly the same as the President of the US in mnatter of fact a Govenor is entitled to two ruffles where the president is entitled to 3 on military review. As the head of state for the state they are entitled to 3 in their home state exactly the same as the president. A foriegn head of state is only entitled to one as is a flag officer of the US.

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