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Archangel1 (Golden Rainbow)

Friday, September 5, 2008 - 02:06 pm Click here to edit this post
And Obama has even LESS experience. See why people are worried about him being elected?

Frankly, I don't really think experience is the issue even though both sides keep talking about it. Which is not to say experience isn't important. I think that the ideas and plans and what you believe a person will try to do is the important issue. That person's experience is one factor in how you judge wether or not the person will succeed in what they are trying to do.

In Obama's case, he has no experience. This really doesn't matter all that much as he will certainly have a friendly Congress. THAT is the problem. Obama will raise taxes, increase government spending, increase the deficit, impose trade restrictions, reduce our eability to excercise basic rights, increase our dependence on forgein energy sources, and probably fail to effectively combat terror. The first 7 are all things he has SAID he will do, no matter how his publicists try to spin it. The last, I believe, will happen also based on what he has said so I say probably. The first 7 WILL happen and I think that will result in killing our already recovering economy. You know, the one that never actually went into recession and, in 2007, was the strongest EVER.

Should McCain be elected but the unfortunate happens and Gov. Palin become President, well, reverse everything I just said. She might have been Governor for only about 2 years, but in that time in her state she reduced taxes, balanced a budget, had a budget SURPLUS from which she returned cash to the state's citizens, INCREASED the state's energy production, and reduced the size of the state government. Hell, she even has some forgein relations experience as she got a deal done with Canada to construct a natural gas pipline from Alaska across Canada. I also think she has better ideas about how to deal with dangerous international situations than Obama. Of course, all this doesn't mean squat because it is McCain who will be President, but at least McCain wants to try an accomplish at a national level all the things Governor Palin has already accomplished in her state.

So do not tell me you are worried, Austia. You are simply doing the typical partisan bullshit and trying to downplay or criticize anything and anyone who might prevent your party from gaining power, no matter how illogical and hateful and divisive the platform it has.

You should be switching your vote to McCain because an Obama/Reid/Pelosi troika is unbelievably scary.

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