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Friday, September 5, 2008 - 11:29 am Click here to edit this post
@ameche- Roe V Wade should be constitutional. The state of Oregon's citizens have voted to legalize Abortion, therefore, according to our constitution it is legal here and the Fed's cannot and should not tell us not to. Same with Medical Marijuana and Physician assisted suicide. Remember that one quote? I think it goes something like "of the People for the people and by the people". So McCain saying he will ban abortion nation wide means that the conservatives, once again, will turn their backs on the very meaning of our country.
You are totaly right about everyone being owned though. Mainly by the same people too. Just remember though, that it is my right to say that I will vote obama. Just like you vote McCain. It is our right. I am also glad that we have the right to discuss this openly with out being thrown into internment camps. Our country is flawed and will always be flawed. WE must make sure our leaders don't forget we're in charge. Demo or Repub, doesn't matter. I do believe that McCain is the wrong choice. I do not mean to talk down to his supporters, and If I have, I apolagize.
My views come from growing up as a latch-key kid who's parents worked all day just to be poor. More Afluent people tend to have different views. Call me a socialist..hell the sense that the small guy gets taken care of..Is that so wrong?
(fyi, socialism isn't fascism, I've made that point)(actually I lean towards a social democracy)(hell, lets just design a new form of gov't).

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