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Capone (Golden Rainbow)

Friday, September 5, 2008 - 01:03 am Click here to edit this post
Wow, way to reply Austia. I never said anything about morals. I just said that everyone is owned by someone, so why make a deal out of it. Do your own research, make your own decision, instead of being a mindless drone controlled by the liberal media, which shows in all of your above replies. And also, you seem to think that McCain was something special in Hanoi? They would have killed him if torture wasn't an option simply because he was the son of a highly decorated U.S. officer. Sure, if i want bible thumping to be part of the Oval office, I will vote for Ron Paul. It is not the governments right to restrict anything non life threatening because of it's religious views. So in the many times McCain has answered "I do not agree with Roe V. Wade", he is simply responding that it is an unconstitutional ruling. And it SHOULD be overturned. Then it should be reprocessed through the judicial system and be decided upon. But why should we do that? Because it is the American way, that's why. And on another note, don't try to play down McCain's being a vet. I would be much more comfortable in these days of terrorists and suicide bombers with someone that knows military operations at the helm of the worlds strongest military. Tell me, where has Obama gained the experience needed to lead such a military? Seems to me he should have taken that 7 figure job, because he isn't much of a politician. I'm afraid I have to echo Palin from last night.

If Barack Obama is such a great politician and statesman, why has he not put forth ONE article of legislation in his time in the Senate? If he is so geared towards change, why has he not proven himself? Any rational person can look at that and say Obama's time spent in the Senate was a waste of tax dollars, and only a means for him to prop up his sad political career. Sorry, but Obama is not my idea of a qualified person for the presidency. He is more like the guy who effs up through high school, but thinks he still has what it takes to be student body president. Bottom line, Obama has done nothing for this country, and he is depending on America's stupidity to get elected. Period.

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