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Capone (Golden Rainbow)

Thursday, September 4, 2008 - 11:19 pm Click here to edit this post
What if? What if?

What if Bush had been shot and we had Cheney in? What if the Supreme Court had elected Gore instead? Do you not think we'd be in the same situation? Look paint it how you want, McCain has spent years defending this country. Let's put some of you socialists in the Hanoi Hilton and see how you come out. Bottom line, everyone in this country is owned by someone. McCain, "big oil", Obama, well hell he is owned by every Washington lobbyist. It does not matter who they are owned by, it is about who would do the best job. Period. And honestly, McCain has it all over Obama and these bleeding heart liberals. The choice of Palin did nothing to put a dent in his campaign, nothing the liberal media has accused her of, or not being for that matter, has turned up false. To put it simply, don't put the remote down when you get to Faux news. Widen your horizons. This is about a decision to be made by each and every individual, not some fake news source that only is there to further its own agenda. Treat it as such.

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