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LSD (White Giant)

Thursday, September 4, 2008 - 03:40 pm Click here to edit this post
Dorothy has barely left Kansas. This whole "executive experience" thing is such a crock. Overblown, and overvalued anyway. Being a legislator, especially on the federal level, is in my opinion VERY relative experience. State Legislators are not negligible figureheads to that point. In fact, Senator John McCain R-Arizona, is running for President on a couple decades worth of this experience. Legislative. One of 3 branches of our Federal government.

She is way out of her league here a she knows it. I wish I decided the journalism degree I wanted in college for times like this. I would drill her with questions on foreign AFFAIRS in general, not even necessarily policy. She knows nothing about it. Zilch. Ironically, this is a lady criticizing "community organizers" while during Obama's days as an organizer, Mrs. Palin was onstage being a beauty queen. Had she been studying, I don't know - international law, foreign affairs, poly sci, instead of yup- communications/ journalism, I'd give her a penny of the paltry 2 cents she can add to this Government when it comes to foreign affairs.

Now, what is really scary is that I tend to see the worst in human morality in recent years, and to continue the New World Order this appears to be a card played by the factions in power.

I feel like John McCain WILL either pass away, or in some circumstance become incapacitated in office. Paving the way for a grossly under qualified "State Executive" (for all of 20 months) to be the pawn in the oval office. This reminds me of having a Substitute teacher in middle school. The government will run amuck behind the scenes, and she will be too concerned with Trig, and Balky (i guess that is her name) to notice. The Council on Foreign Relations is a better barometer to define what the long term (clandestine) "goals" are on the docket for the USA.

Believe what you like. Laugh if you will about the NWO assertions, I couldn't care less. Simply because I have no desire to convince you or anyone else of its existence any longer. Nobody is going to do shit about it, as it has been in the making for a century in the United States.

My point is to say Sarah Palin is grossly under qualified for the Presidency .

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