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Wednesday, September 3, 2008 - 08:30 pm Click here to edit this post

Has Israel declared the reason for its nuclear program is to destroy Iran? Israel has had nuclear weapons for at least 20 years is Iran still there?

According to the 911 report, which listed 26 specifics items relating to Al Qeada and Iraq/Saddam, there were indeed ties between the two - just no direct link to 911. You must not have read the report like I did. In fact there are 19 links to Iran as well. Again no direct link to 911. Was Al Qeada in Iraq? Yes, but you people continue to ignore that and spread a myth because there was no direct link with 911.

Pacifying Iraqis! Saddam had them well pacified as his religious group exploited, murdered, enslaved, and generally held back the other two religious groups that make up the country. This discounts any other religious groups there since they are such small minorities as to be not material. Saddam against popular wisdom was not secular, as exampled by his finding Allah as he was being hung. It was merely his religious fraction was on top running things and the benefits of his socialist islamic country went to that group and screw the others. The US has worked to include all the groups broken into their tribal fractions. It now seems to be working. I could go into a lot of the reasons for it, but what would be the point - Obama wants to snatch defeat from Victory and so do his "We have to be right" socialist buddies!

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