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Wednesday, September 3, 2008 - 05:36 am Click here to edit this post
Wow. A lot of ignorance in one place.

1. Reality check. We protect the arab world FROM the Israeli's. Not the the other way around.

2. You want to argue the ownership of that tiny strip of dirt, I believe the Philistines had first dibs. HMMM. Are they represented in the UN?

3. The preIsraeli's built homes, schools, and raised the Palestineans standard of living considerably while making wasteland bloom. They made every attempt to live in peace with Palestineans including the PURCHASE of all land they settled. Their beef was with the British not the locals until the alliance of Lebanon/Syria/Jordan/Egypt/Palestine to ERADICATE the Jews.
This is all documented fact. Enough with the revisionism already.

4. Why the Native Americans on 2 Continents lost everything. Stone Age culture meets Pre-Industrial Culture. Tough to predict that outcome.

5. The Alaskan Governor has exactly ZERO influence on whether oil is drilled on federal property in her state.

Austia, Nix, you are intelligent young men. At least TRY to get your facts straight.

Leave the ideology at the door.

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