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New Game! (Little Upsilon)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  New Game! (Little Upsilon)

Diabuli (Little Upsilon)

Friday, August 29, 2008 - 10:04 pm Click here to edit this post
Roll up! Roll up! Welcome to Dubhthaigh's freak show, in which everyone has the opportunity to gaze wonderingly at those monstrosities that nature coughs out of her rectum.

Consider this a jovial list of those who in the previous week have excelled in excelling at little. Succeeded in failures, and are pretty much downright silly.

Ok to start the list off, this weeks Number 5 moron issss *drumrolll* LH! Whilst seeming to be inactive(otherwise he would be further up the list), we can always be assured this lively candidate will always be skulking in the background with his SS cheques ready to convert into prime-time loot. We miss you!!

At a close number 4 is me! I've been inactive for roughly a week and have let my empire slide into a bit of a slum, thus i am on this list. Diabuli dislikes personal failure :(

Number 3! We're getting close now, I can feel the tension building! AquaRainbow. Whilst an amiable and skilled player, he excelled himself by almost starting another world war on GR! Quite an impressive feat of drunken forum posting (kinda like this one)! Let's hope naming and shaming will tone his 'jokes' down a little more :P

Number 2! A new girl on the scene, if only the 'nuclear' was referring to her wit. However, it seems to be more apt at describing her future state of being. Nuclear Melissa everyone! Ever since her first eloquent post, about attacking someone with "All kinds of weapons" (as if we expected her just to attack with light jeeps, well....) she has continued to dazzle us with her well timed, oratorical and considered posts about many a varying topic. I propose she rename to "Inane Melissa."

*Trumpet fanfare* Finally we are there peeps! So who is the creme' de la fleme' this week? Who gargled from the fountain of knowledge, when others drank? Who has a Titanic instinct, in a world full of icebergs? Who would be out of depth in a carpark puddle? Revan of course! This insightful character has been with us many a month now. Dazzling us with his beacon of knowledge. With his swearing and gibberish on the forum, and blatant association with Lh, it will be hard for anyone to knock him from his first ever 1st place.

I hope people have enjoyed this little bit of lighthearted humour :) Best intentions, Dub.

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