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Football (Golden Rainbow)

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Thursday, August 28, 2008 - 12:50 am Click here to edit this post
Trust. And in the name of what? I have got a little problem with my 5 a-side team. As I said, I'm in goal. That leaves 4 other players. The formation is a dimond one, leaving me with one defender, thats if he has'nt also run up to try and score a goal :(
One defender can't do nothing against two attackers................
I think a square formation would be alot better formation than a dimond. Two up front, where they just strike the ball and look for the rebound and two in defense, to help me from getting mentally abused.
Am I right? Also keeping in mind it's our first season. If the boy's were fit enough they might be able to track back, but the pitch is that small and the games so quick, even then I think they will struggle.
The only reason I'm asking is there's 4 games left, I've already brought it up a couple of times, but the attacker don't like the idea and the defenders don't want to tip the apple cart, so it's been left. But at training tomorrow I'm concidering going on strick if my formation is not implimented for the next two games.
Which got me thinking about whats it all for?
I have to many injuries to mess about for fun :(
Dam faces.

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