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You Go John R! (White Giant)

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John R

Saturday, August 23, 2008 - 03:43 am Click here to edit this post
Some track on things...
On the 1st of March I won:

1st as CEO on LU with Alpha
2nd as CEO on LU with Omega
1st as Prez on LU with Lance of Longinus

1st as CEO on KB with Shiva
2nd as CEO on KB with Rain
1st as Prez on KB with Liberal Republic

1st as CEO on FB with Tree of Life
2nd as CEO on FB with Tree of Knowledge
2nd as Prez on FB with Roman Republic/Archadia
(Lost to Danneh Turner with Republic of Strahcycle)

2nd as Prez on GR with Seele
(Lost to Cyriac with Stardust)

2nd as CEO on WG with Terra
2nd as Prez on WG with Cycle of Souls
(Lost to Richard Hornung with... MAI?)

The rest I don't remember.

Lets see what I will pull out of the magic hat by the end of this month.

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