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Guru Mirth

Tuesday, August 19, 2008 - 04:32 am Click here to edit this post
As I sit and wait 10 minute for my SC page loads, which time warner has blessed me with, I realized that god was trying to communicate with me.

He was saying, "Bob(Barney), you have spent entirely too much time on SC making the lives of the other players miserable." "I shall make it near impossible for you to play and fight!"

I was taking his name in vain when I realized this. He must have heard

So, thank You god for allowing me to see the light.

I leave you these pearls of wisdom.

-Ignore your losses early in war. Kill that dam offense and be dammed with the Bomber, CMB or NFP loss.

-choose your ground slaves carefully. Fight with more then one. Declare with the furthest from the target and move forward through your protected countries.

-Always cover your local C3's with declarations before any major offensive. Fail to do so at your own peril.

-simply put, you objectives should be to "paint" your enemy while not allowing him to paint you. If you acheive this you will win nearly every time.

-100 divisions are better then 10.

-for an offensive division one only needs 1000 Heavy Tanks and 1600-2600 heavy Art. Judge the makeup based on your opponent. If he/she is capable place less HA and add balanced AAMB and DMB. Never place less then 1600 HA in a division.

-Never sign the war treaty. This necessitates that you fight on the enemies time line. Better to log in and see the decs on your mate then declare to suit your schedule.

-Defend your forts. They are the target that will cause you to loose a war. If your defense air is dead and you have 500AAMB and 500DMB in EVERY fort, the enemy will still pay dearly to beat you.

-cities are the next priority for heavy defense.

-Have alot of offensive bases. Defend them with vigor. You can buy more then 1, or 2. Just think about how and you will eventually see.

-screw the nukes they are now useless.

-Never fight with one weapon type.

-Always fight to win, but don't forget to do so with compassion. Many people love this game and take losses very badly. Rubbing noses publicly should always be a last resort.

- When a player looses with grace consider giving back what you have won.


Thats is about it.

Those who were my friend, I thank you and have enjoyed our time together.

Those of you who were my enemy, I thank you and have enjoyed our time together.

I will give all my assets to members of LDI, whom also seem to be leaving the game in droves. If they are not able to manage these assets then I will gift them to my friends in Valde.


Ladies and gentlemen, Barney Rubble has left the building.


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