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Sunday, August 17, 2008 - 08:12 pm Click here to edit this post
The modeling principles W3C is using are headed in the right direction. The only suggestions I would make for the future would be the following.

1. Terrain. Each country would have trerrain features introduced randomly that would hinder or help the movement of forces and possibly increase the effectiveness of defense.

2. The conbination of Off/Def weapons. The absurdity of that situation requires little comment. Introducing weapons with varied performance characteristics, aircraft in particular, could retain the desired diversity.

3. The introduction or transition of the archaic fortification structure to the modern use of radar nets. A nation's integrated air defense net is the actual first line of defense today and the first target for offensive ops.

4. A more complex logistical structure as modern combat is largely an exercise of logistics.

5. The introduction of means for intel gathering to find enemy forces and establish an order of battle for planning purposes.

6. A variable introduced into units to reflect the varying effectiveness of elements due to training and leadership factors.

7. The possibility of improving combat effectiveness through investment in C2 apparatus.

These are just possibilities.

For a sim to actually devise a system that accurately allows the application of the principles of war is a tall order.

WMD must be removed. They are simply too destabilizing to a game environment such as this.

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