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Ahimsa (Fearless Blue)

Sunday, August 17, 2008 - 07:53 pm Click here to edit this post
DP, none of what you said about needing ground units is true. Ground invasion is still one of the most devastating ways to win a country. SF landings have added depth to it, if not particularly any more potency.

It IS true that you don't NEED ground units to win. Enough missiles in a short enough period will kill anything, just like in real life, but this is a very costly way to win a war and not efficient. Just like in real life. I lost a country due to rapid missile barrage and poor defenses. I also kept a country due to the same tactic proving to be too expensive for my enemies, and having a better defense in place.

Okay, so with enough weapons (missile, planes, etc) you can blast through anything. Fine. You don't need ground units. The only way to fix this is to bring back the attack limits, which would certainly promote ground operations (if limits were only placed on missiles).

However, an effective defense will require ground action, and even then those ground units might not be enough.

The truth about the WE is that SC is maneuvering us towards a stalemate. This is something any player with recent experience in the WE has known for a long time. The only reason we see lightning wars and huge offensives is because players are forced to pick and choose strengths and weaknesses.

Wars are being forced to be bigger, more expensive, and longer - either that, or a nuke-fest. The LDI/Valde operation proved this. It was a stalemate with both sides more or less prepared. The only reason LDI was able to declare ourselves victors was because 1. we were simply able to punch more nukes through, and 2. Valde technically came to the table first, but we were happy enough to end the conflict.

Imagine if the other Valde branches activated, Barn threw his countries in the mix, and Sam and I launched redundant decs with our other countries instead of keeping the scope limited with only a few countries fighting. Pyrrhic victory at best, but the victory would have come through the deployment of land forces. A full-scale fully integrated

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